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Who is right - science or the Bible ?

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  • Who is right - science or the Bible ?

    Lou Newton
    Lou Newton, former Steel Mill Crane Designer and Physics Teacher
    Answered Aug 27, 2017

    The Bible clearly states that God created the earth to bring forth the plants and then the earth brought forth the animals. So The Bible clearly states that God used “evolution” of some kind to create the plants and animals.

    Notice that God only uses the word CREATE in three places in Gen 1. That is when God creates something out of “nothing”. But God uses the word “made” or “let there be” when God makes something out of something He already created. God does NOT use the word create for the plants, but says let the earth produce the plants.

    But also notice that God uses BOTH the word “made” and “create” when He created man. First God made man by having the earth produce animals that evolved ( with His guidance) into creatures that looked like men physically. But they were animals and not men. They had no spirit like God and so were not in the image of God. So God then created a spirit and breathed this spirit into Adam and Adam became the first man.

    It may have been these animals, that were like men physically, that Cain mated with an built a city.

    The Holy Scriptures and the creation never contradict one another. The creation declares the glory of God. As Isaac Newton said, anytime a man claims that the creation and the Bible contradict one another, he will be proved wrong in time.