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How do we explain all of the humans that came before Adam and Eve ?

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  • How do we explain all of the humans that came before Adam and Eve ?

    If Adam and Eve were the first humans 6,000 years ago, how do we explain all of the humans that came before them?

    Lou Newton
    Lou Newton, former Steel Mill Crane Designer and Physics Teacher

    First of all Adam and Eve probably were a lot longer than 6,000 years ago. Not all generations are mentioned in the Bible. We know this because in the writings of Moses he records a list of generations that add up to 200 and some years. But we know the time written about is 430 years. So we know than that there were sons that were not on the list. It seems God only lists those who followed Him and leaves those that did not follow him off of the list. So the Bible does NOT record how many years passed since Adam and Eve contrary to popular belief.

    2nd not every creature that looks like a man is part of mankind. Mere men list creatures that were NOT men, but simply animals that walked upright. Walking upright does not make a creature a man. Man is created in Godís image. That is they have a spirit. These animals before Adam and Eve that walked upright did not have a spirit and were not men. They were simply animals like Apes are animals.

    They walked the earth for millions of years and did not progress in millions of years. They did not progress because they did not have a spirit and could not commune with God. After God breathed the spirit into Adam, men were building rockets to the moon in a few thousand years.

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    Glen B Smith
    To:Lou Newton

    Aug 21 at 3:16 PM
    You posted after 2 am. Are you having trouble sleeping or did you just wakeup with this on your mind?

    Two questions to ponder and would you please reply by email or on the forum to the second question?

    1. Those who understand the first 12 chapters of Genesis from a spiritual viewpoint (metaphorical/allegorical) do not have this problem of those who understand these chapters as literal history. What do you believe is being revealed in Genesis chapter 1-12? What is the theological importance of your view?

    2. You explain the difference between animals and mankind as mankind being made in the image of God. Are you explaining the meaning of the image of God as being endowed with the Spirit of God?
    By your explanation, what is the nature of mankind? Is it body and spirit? What is the soul?
    Hi Glen,

    When I sleep in on one day a week I stay up late that night.

    1 - I believe Genesis is a history, or a factual account. Some of the generations can be added up for total of years those generations lived. But many can not. As I pointed out in the later writings of Moses he lists generations that ad up to 200 plus years. But we know that the time period of those generations in 430 years. Not all sons are listed. Considering this fact we can not tell how long ago Adam lived. God does not put the focus on time. Time is so important to most men. But God tells us to be patient, or to ignore time. God did not put the focus of the first book of His Bible on time. The focus of Genesis is on Jesus our Savior, just as it is in every book of the Bible. God is LIGHT and Genesis 1 is focused on the coming of light. Time is not so important to The Ancient of Days as it is to frail man.

    The theological importance of this is God is not telling us that how many years that He took is important. What is important is that God loves us and He took along time to prepare a place for man to live and then He walked and talked with men after He created them. He did not only send created angels to speak to men, but He walked and talked with them Himself, just as He does today.

    2 - The three acts of creation listed in Genesis 1 are:

    1st act - the creation of all matter and energy, or the creation of the natural

    2nd act - the creation of the soul for some animals and mankind

    3rd act - the creation of the spirit for mankind.

    These three realms are written about all throughout the Bible.

    There is the natural city of Babylon

    It is followed by the political or soulish Babylons; Persia, Greece, Rome, Europe, Britain, the US

    Finally comes spiritual Babylon (Babylon the Great ) which is the church that is run by men. The true Body of Christ is led by Jesus, not men who act like kings.

    Man is made up of the natural flesh, the soul, and the spirit. Man has to have these three parts because we know that most men are dead in the spirit yet they "live" on. They are still much more than mere animals. They have a soul that is far superior to other animals.
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