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Where did the wise men come from ?

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  • Where did the wise men come from ?

    Where did the wisemen who followed the star in the Bible come from?

    Lou Newton
    Lou Newton, former Steel Mill Crane Designer and Physics Teacher

    The account in the New Testament is historical and factual. The wise men were actual men who traveled from the east. If I say they came from east of Jerusalem, that would mean just east of that city. But it says they came from the East. That means the region a far east as is known. Daniel was taken to Babylon and then Persia and he established a school in those lands. That school studied the Holy Scriptures and also the stars and planets. This would leave them with knowledge from the scriptures that the Messiah was going to be born soon, and also knowledge about the heavenly bodies and how they changed.

    We have computer programs that can turn back the sky to any time in the past. One can find out that The King planet ( Jupiter) and the King star (Regulus) had some very rare conjunctions during those days. These events took place at the conception of Jesus, again at His birth, and again when the wise men visited Israel. There was also a very rare event when Jesus died on the cross.

    So the wise men were probably of Jewish decent, or became Jews, and traveled from the far East to worship the Messiah. They certainly were not of any false religion. Since they came to worship Jesus, they were certainly Christians well before the name “Christian” had been coined.

    If anyone wants to find out about the rare events in the sky they can go here and watch “The Star of Bethlehem” -