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What is the gospel ?

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  • What is the gospel ?

    Glen B Smith
    To:Lou Newton

    Aug 29 at 6:05 PM

    Doctrines are not the gospel.

    Theology is not the gospel.

    Biblical interpretations are not the gospel.

    The Bible is not the gospel.

    The Church is not the gospel.

    Denominations are not the gospel.

    Doctrines explain the gospel.

    Theology explains the relationships of doctrines.

    Biblical interpretations attempt to clarify what the Bible means.

    The Bible is the recording of divine revelation as experienced by men who were inspired by the Lord.

    The Church is the many gatherings of the citizens of the kingdom of heaven who were called out by the Lord from among the unbelievers.

    Denominations are the divisions of the Church accordioning to their doctrine, theology, and practices of worshipping the Lord.

    None of the above is the gospel of the Lord Christ Jesus. NONE! Not even close!

    The proclamation of the kingdom of heaven is the gospel.

    The gospel or the good news is the proclamation of this news about the kingdom of heaven.

    Jesus established a new kind of kingdom - a kingdom that is a spiritual creation where He is Lord and Master who rules over the faithful believers as citizens of the kingdom of heaven.

    The gospel proclaims these four (4) things:

    1. Jesus died for the sins of the world.

    2. Jesus was resurrected to reign as lord of all.

    3. The death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus makes possible communion between rebellious mankind and the Holy Righteous Father.

    4. Those who believe that the death of Christ Jesus on the cross substitutes for the divine judgment due to rebellious mankind, and who submit to the reign of the Lord Christ Jesus, inherit everlasting life through Him.

    That is the complete gospel the entirety of the good news of the gospel, if and only when this news is proclaimed.

    If these four (4) spiritual events are not proclaimed, then, they do not make the news.

    Gospel means good news.

    Therefore, when not proclaimed, it cannot be any kind of news which also means it is not the good news of the gospel. For the good news gospel to be the gospel of the Lord Christ Jesus it must be proclaimed. Doctrines, as elaborations upon these four (4) events, are not the good news of the gospel and exists to the side of the good news. No rebellious sinner needs doctrines to inherit everlasting life through Christ Jesus. Rebellious sinners need a relationship to the Lord Christ Jesus based upon accepting and believing these four (4) events as confirmed by the witness of the Holy Spirit of the Lord.

    The gospel of the kingdom of heaven through Christ Jesus is not just good news, but the gospel about Christ Jesus is the best news possible - day after day - forever and ever.

    "The Blood that Jesus shed shall never lose its power!" Amen?