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Was the Garden of Eden a utopia?

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  • Was the Garden of Eden a utopia?

    Is the Garden of Eden a utopia?

    Lou Newton
    Lou Newton, former Steel Mill Crane Designer and Physics Teacher

    God created man innocent. That is the ability to do right. But Adam was not perfect for Adam did sin. Perfection can not sin. Only God is perfect. The garden had the ability to be a utopia. But it was not, because anytime man has the choice to do right or wrong, he will often choose to do wrong.

    One may ask why does man choose to sin. That is because he is not God. Only God is righteous. Only God has the wisdom , truth and love to be righteous. Even many of the angels, which have much more knowledge and wisdom than man, choose to sin. 2/3 rds of the angels knew God well enough to choose to follow Him. But a third of the angels did not know God well enough, and choose to follow Lucifer.

    Man is put on this earth to see if he loves truth enough to seek it with everything he possesses.The men that love truth will seek to find out if there is a God or not. If they want to know the truth enough, they will humble themselves and ask God to reveal Himself to them. Even these people who ask God to reveal Himself to them, do it by grace and grace alone.