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Who protected the tree of Life in the garden of Eden after Adam and Eve got removed?

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  • Who protected the tree of Life in the garden of Eden after Adam and Eve got removed?

    Who protected the tree of Life in the garden of Eden after Adam and Eve got removed?

    Lou Newton, former Steel Mill Crane Designer and Physics Teacher

    God protected the tree of life in the garden with a ‘flaming sword”. The biggest gash in the earth goes through Africa and then the Red Sea and into the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is the lowest spot on the face of the earth by far. Also farmers grow produce around it because the produce is so much better that they get twice the price for it. They carry AK-47’s as they farm because it is close to the border with a Muslim nation. But the produce grows twice and big and taste far better and it is worth the risk to them because of the better price they get for it.

    Also Salem ( Now Jerusalem) was the City of the Great King. Only God is a Great King and He ruled there as the King Of Righteousness ( Melchizedek in Hebrew). He would walk a short distance to the garden which was where the Dead Sea is now. The Garden had to be close to Salem because God likes to be close to His people ( Adam and Eve ). God would walk to the garden in the evening to talk to Adam.

    When Eve ate of the tree and then asked Adam to eat of it God expelled them from the garden so they could not eat of the tree of life and live forever. If they had eternal life they would not need God and be lost from Him forever. Of course they would turn the whole earth into something far from paradise without God.

    Since the garden was a high place, before the fall of the garden that fell when Adam fell, the river Jordan flowed from the garden instead of into the dead sea. The Garden of Life became the Sea of Death. It was high place and fell to the lowest place on earth. The Tree of Life is at the bottom of the Dead Sea. It is guarded by God and He is able to keep anyone away from it.

    There was also a river flowing from the garden toward the direction of the Red Sea. The Nile used to flow south instead of north as it does today. This has been confirmed by geologist. The Jordan divided into the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers.

    The evidence that God left us is this: The Garden of life became the Sea of Death. The Garden FELL when Adam fell. There is evidence that four rivers could have flowed out of the garden, NOT into it as some claim. The Bible clearly states that the four rivers flowed out of the garden. The Dead Sea is close to the city of the Great King ( Jerusalem )

    Answer requested by Gary ........