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Was Saint Paul a false apostle?

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  • Was Saint Paul a false apostle?

    Was Saint Paul a false apostle?

    Lou Newton

    February 9, 2019

    Former Steel Mill Crane Designer and Physics Teacher

    Originally Answered: Is Paul a false prophet?

    In reading the answers to this question much ignorance is stated. Paul was an Apostle chosen directly by Jesus. An Apostle is a person who is a teacher, pastor, evangelist, and prophet; that is what an apostle is.

    Anyone that would state that Paul was not a teacher is speaking in extreme ignorance. Paul was a teacher if anything. Just read his letters and see he is a teacher.

    Paul was a pastor of many churches and did all the duties of a pastor.

    Paul was certainly an evangelist and brought many thousands to the Lord. If Paul was not an evangelist, who was or is ?

    Paul was certainly a prophet. A prophet is one who hears from the Lord, or sees revelations from the Lord. A prophet is NOT someone who predicts the future. No mere man can predict the future, only God knows the future. Some words from the Lord, that the prophet speaks ,may be about the future, but many are not about the future. If Paul was not a prophet, then how did he see the many revelations from the Lord that he wrote about ? Even Peter had a very hard time understanding many of the revelations from the Lord through Paul.

    Paul wrote more of the NT than any other author of the Bible. Paul was also a sinner saved by grace, and grace alone. After his first journey Paul stated that he was least of apostles. After his second journey Paul stated that he was least of all saints ( Christians). Near the end of his life Paul stated that he was chief of sinners.