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What Bible did they use before the KJV?

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  • What Bible did they use before the KJV?

    What Bible did they use before the KJV?

    Lou Newton
    , former Steel Mill Crane Designer and Physics Teacher

    I assume you mean what English Translations were used before the KJV. The Tyndale New Testament and the Geneva Bible were two of them. The Matthews Bible was another. Before those, the original Hebrew and Greek scriptures' were used and then the OT was translated into the Greek Septuagint. After that it was translated into the Latin Vulgate.

    The Pope and the leaders of the Church of England did not want the people to have a Bible in a language they could read. They wanted to have The Bible in Latin only because it was the language of the rich and powerful people, not common English ,so they could control the people. William Tyndale decided to translate the Bible into English and the Church leaders threatened to kill him. So he fled to Europe to finish his work. In his seeking the churches permission to translate it he found that the head of the Church of England knew almost nothing about the Bible. He told that leader that he would see to it that the average plowboy knew more of the Holy Scriptures' than that man did. Tyndale called his first edition "The Plowboy Edition". I have a copy of that Bible.

    The King of England and the Church of England both told the Pope Tyndale’s location in Europe and the Pope had Tyndale killed. The head of the church of England did everything he could think of to keep Tyndale’s NT out of the people's hands, including killing anyone caught with one. When they seen they were unable to keep it out of the people’s hands they decided to do their own version. We would not have the KJV unless Tyndale printed his translation and forced the church of England to make the KLV.

    The King of England and the Church of England did not like the Tyndale or the Geneva because they did not state the the King Of England was God’s chosen leader ( like the Pope claimed to be of the RCC).

    So King James ( who was a Roman Catholic) and the leaders of the Church of England chose a group of men to translate The Bible. The problem was that they knew no one who knew Hebrew and Greek like William Tyndale did.

    So they used Tyndale’s translation of the NT and what he had finished of the OT to make their own version. They copied much of his work and did not even mention his name in their Bible. This is known as plagiarism and students are expelled for doing the same. These men are also murderers for trying to kill Tyndale and then turning him in to the Pope.

    The Pilgrim’s who started this nation would not use the KJV because the King and the Church of England had put many of them in prison for preaching without permission from the Church of England. They used the Geneva Bible.

    So for some to claim the KJV is the only true version is a position of extreme ignorance. I certainly do not want to speak against any version that anyone might be reading. Any version is far better than not reading the Bible. BUT I do not hold the KJV is such high regard as many do because of the corrupt King James and the corrupt Leaders of the Church of England who did the work. It is a fact that they did not know Hebrew or Greek very well at all.

    Also the codex the KJV was taken from is simply not the most complete and accurate Codex. To claim the KJV is sacred and the only one, is again, ignorance. The KJV has been changed many places and many times over the years. Also it has some verses that do not appear in even ONE ANCIENT MANUSCRIPT of the NT. It appears these have been added by some zealous monk.

    BUT please do not stop reading whatever translation you are reading. Any translation is far better than none. But the Teacher is far more important than the textbook. If one seeks the Holy Spirit for the truth He is able to use any translation to reveal truth to you.