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Why does Satan hate the Jews if they are antichrist

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  • Why does Satan hate the Jews if they are antichrist

    Here is an email I received from Linda: (TennesseeLinda )

    I watched the whole film. I was impressed. O.k. I have another question after seeing this. I have always believed most prophesy was centered around Jerusalem/Christ. God said he would scatter them and they would be hated, then he would gather them back into Jerusalem for the final battles. Different teachers I have read claim these prophesies are being fulfilled. It will be a bitter pill to swallow if I find God does not intend to prove once and for all Jesus is the Jews......through a miraculous defeat of those coming against Israel. appears that practically every country is anti-Israel. In my book, when so many anti-Christ people hate the Jews, it makes me feel Satan hates Jews. If Satan hates Jews, why?

    Having said all that. I know the trilateral commission, etc. are mostly Jews. I know they are mostly hard-hearted and arrogant (went to high school where half were very rich Jews), but does God want to save them at the end? To prove to Satan He can?


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    Well you have asked some very good questions.

    1st of all, Satan can not tell the truth, and he is not capable of love. He hates everyone. Even those who serve him.

    On the other hand Jesus loves all people. He died for us while we were still His enemies. I was using His Name as a curse word and while I was treating Him this way, He pursued me so I could be saved.

    The Jews pronounced their own curse upon themselves. Their chosen leaders said they had no king except Caesar and "let his blood be on our hands and on our children's hands". Indeed the kings of the world have been their king since that day and those kings have not treated them well, especially King Hitler. They took themselves out of God's hands and put themselves in the hands of mere men. Those who have confessed this as sin and repented of it have been brought back into God's family and are watched over by Him.

    Indeed the blood of Jesus has been on their hands, instead of covering their sin. They not only do not repent of this, but continue to renew this curse daily by pronouncing words of hate toward The Lord Jesus who brought them through the Red Sea.

    But in all this Satan wants to destroy all of them because they are descended from Abraham, because of God's promises to them, and just because he wants to destroy everyone.

    Satan is the smartest created being that exists. He looks upon all of us with total contempt. It is like an evil genius that has contempt for a retarded person. The con man has no respect for the person who is fooled by him. Instead he thinks that person stupid. Satan has contempt for those who are fooled by him. For he knows he is deceiving them and thinks them to be stupid. Satan KNOWS that God exists. He has seen Him with his own eyes. So when Satan deceives someone into thinking there is no God, he sees them as the supreme fools that they are. He hates their stupidity, even though they are spreading his lies to the whole world.

    But in all of this, Satan has no wisdom, or truth, or love. For all wisdom, truth and love comes from God. God is the only source of these things. Satan has totally and permanently separated himself from God.

    Let's look at many homosexuals who serve Satan by rebelling totally from God even from the gender God created them as. They mock God and preach the lies of Satan. But in spite of this Satan still destroys them with AIDS and many other diseases. Satan does the same with drug addicts.

    Now as to the Jews. Most of the world serves Satan and Satan hates them, so the world hates them. Even though most Jews are the most antichrist people on the planet. Satan's followers do not love one another, but hate one another.

    Certainly Islam is from Satan. Satan has inspired them to hate the Jews above all others. But their hate is not only to Jews. They even hate one another and one group kills the other group.

    We look at all these groups that are so evil: the Rothschilds, the Illuminati, the Federal Reserve bank, the Globalist, the atheists, the homosexuals, those of Islam and all other cults, rock music, evil Hollywood, the Jews who hate Christ, NAZIS, communists; and one may wonder which is the group that is our worse enemy ? Which group will take over the world ?

    How can Jews and Islamist seem to have the same goals at times. How could the Jews vote for Obama who honored Islam?

    NONE of these groups are our enemy.

    12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

    Satan is our enemy. the reason these groups seem to have common goals at times is that they have the same leader, Satan.

    Which group will Satan use to take over the world - he will use all of them.

    We should be able to see that all of these groups hate those born of God. Most Jews also hate those born of God and this proves that they follow Satan.

    We need to be wise and seek The One who can save us, The Lord Jesus.

    We need to be aware of the evil in all of these groups. We need to hate their sin, while we love the sinner.

    So now who is going to be saved. Well all those who call upon the Name of The Lord Jesus. His Name is His Nature and not mere sounds of letters out of a man's lips.

    Who is not going to be saved - all those who do not call upon His Name.

    Who does The Lord want to save - all men, but He knows which ones will call upon His Name.

    Now as to Jerusalem - The Lord has special place in His heart for this location. This is the very center of the earth as far as geography. But this is where He lived on the earth when He walked and talked with Adam and then other men. This is where He ruled as The King Of Righteousness.

    Satan also focuses on Jerusalem for the same reason. He wants to rule from the same place that God himself ruled from.

    An evil man called himself, The Lord of Righteousness and he ruled from Salem. The Lord stopped the sun in the sky so Joshua would have light to find this evil king and he would not be lost in the night. Joshua slew that evil man so everyone would know that no man is righteous, and only God is righteous.

    It is by this that we know that Melchizedek ( King of Righteousness) is God. For only God is righteous and God tells us in the Holy Scriptures that Melchizedek is a King and Priest forever. Jesus is of the same order and rank, which also shows us that Jesus is that same One and Only God.

    The garden of Eden is close by. Because The Lord would go there from Salem to walk with Adam. I think the dead sea is there now. The garden of life has become the sea of death. Nothing lives in that sea.

    Maybe the tree of life is still at the bottom. God may want to keep this from anyone, while Satan may desire it above anything.

    The battle has always centered around Jerusalem and I think it will stay that way until The Lord returns.

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      The reply from Linda:

      An AWSOME teaching. Dan asked me to save this.


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        I am thankful that The Lord was so full of mercy to reveal these things to me. He chooses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise.

        Would you mind if I posted your email and my reply on the forum, or better yet you could do so if you would not mind.



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          Linda's reply:

          I would be happy for others who might have the same questions to see your answer


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            Satan has no love, no truth, no wisdom, no joy. He even hates the demons that serve him. He has separated himself from God permanently.

            God is the only source of love, life, light and truth.

            Everyone chooses who they want to be with. They choose The Lord Jesus, or they choose Satan.

            At the judgment everyone will simply be shown who they have chosen.

            Satan calls himself an angel of light, but is an angel of darkness. He claims to proclaim truth, but he does not even know the truth.

            People should look at any group to see if they are filled with love or hate. ISIS is filled with hate and that proves who they follow in spite of their claim.

            Think of how bad eternal damnation will be. There will be no love, no life, no light, no joy, no truth. They will be separated from the God, that they have hated, forever and forever. They will finally see that being separated from the God ,that they hated, is not what they thought it would be. For the world they lived in had both light and darkness, both truth and lies, both life and death, both joy and depression , and both love and hate. Even though they claimed to hate God, they enjoyed His gifts of love, truth, light and life.

            The Kingdom of The Lord Jesus will have no hate, no lies, no lack of joy, no lies, no death, and no darkness.

            His Kingdom will be filled with love, life, light, truth, and joy forever and forever.

            One thing I have learned is that all men are liars. They are seldom what they claim to be. Many claim to serve the one true God. But very few do so.

            Truly the road to life is straight and narrow and few find it.

            Lou Newton


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              Thank you Lou for allowing the LORD to reveal this. It is so clear and digestible the way the Lord speaks through you. Thanks for yielding to Him. We all win this way. I truly appreciate your wisdom from the Lord. Thanks. .... Steve


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                Originally posted by Steve Hollander View Post
                Thank you Lou for allowing the LORD to reveal this. It is so clear and digestible the way the Lord speaks through you. Thanks for yielding to Him. We all win this way. I truly appreciate your wisdom from the Lord. Thanks. .... Steve

                Thanks so much for the very kind and generous reply Steve.