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Who did Seth marry ?

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  • Who did Seth marry ?

    I answered the following question on another site. What are your thoughts about this question ? Maybe The Lord will reveal something about it if we seek His face.

    If Adam and Eve were the first humans, who did their children have sex with, their brothers and sisters?

    God uses the words create and made ( or let there be) in Genesis 1. He uses the word create when He creates something out of nothing that existed in the natural world. He uses the word made, when He makes something out of something that He already created.

    For instance, God created all matter and energy in the beginning (the big bang). But then formed the sun and earth from that matter later.

    God said let the earth produce the plants, and later let the earth produce the animals. So God made both plants and animals by letting the earth produce them.

    Later God uses BOTH words, when He says God MADE man, and God CREATED man. It could be that God let the earth produce an animal that looked like a man, but was not a man, because it had no spirit like God. So God breathed the breath of LIFE into that first man ( Adam ) and he became a living man. Real life ( eternal life) can only be had by those with a spirit like God. That is why God says man is created in His image. Both God and man have a spirit.

    Now Cain killed his brother Abel and God sent him away to the land of Nod. There is no record of Cain having any sisters at this time. Also lands are usually named after a person who lives there ( Nod) . It also says Cain married and built a city. So it seems to me that there were animals, that looked like men, that lived there ( homo sapiens ) but they were not men because they had no spirit. That may be why Cain was chosen as their leader, because having a spirit like God would make him far superior. So the offspring of Cain were not real living men, but only animals that looked like men.

    Now that still leaves who did Seth marry ? That is not known, but many will claim that they know that he married his sister. Maybe, but it is going beyond what is written. We are told not to do that.

    I see nothing wrong with simply saying we do not know who Seth married. Did Seth pick out a homo sapien woman and then God breathed the breath of life into her. Or did Seth marry a sister.

    There is one passage that might indicate that Seth did not marry another homo sapien that was not his sister. Because Eve is called Eve because she was to be mother of all the living. Now that does not mean she was mother of bears. We see bears as living, but they only have temporary life, not real life which is eternal. But if Eve was literally mother of all real men ( those that had a spirit) then maybe Seth married his sister.

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    October 26, 2019

    Lol the Bible is based on incest

    Ted .................

    I know you are trying to be funny, but the whole Bible is not based on incest. In fact, in New Zealand it it is still legal to marry your first cousin providing you have a test to ensure that no children will be deformed as the result of inbreeding.

    And that is the point of the Adam and Eve story and their children marrying each other: their bodies were genetically pristine, so that in the first generation there were no deformed children After the first generation there would be no need for siblings to marry each other. Abraham, the Father of the Faithful, married his niece,


    Allan ................
    March 6, 2017

    Or “Adam” and “Eve” could be archetypes representing the first homo sapiens who received a human spirit but not necessarily just a single man and a single woman. People who study many ancient religions don’t take the books of the bible in such a simplistic way. They see that the stories are exchanged between the different religions as a way of explaining reality and not like a history book recording events in history. Even though the bible is long for one collection it is very small when compared with all the books written in ancient times. To single out one collection collected under the influence of the brutal Roman Empire seems a bit limited. It was in the interests of the empire to claim a monopoly on religion but that doesn’t mean that they knew more than everyone else. It just means that their swords and shields were effective killing machines. So hanging on every word of there chosen books as though it was God speaking could be a bit naive. When the emperor decided he wanted to follow Jesus did he give back all the lands he had invaded? No he was not really following Jesus, just giving him lip service now he was safely dead. So I take everything with a pinch of salt. The ministers now still condone war. Nothing has changed. Making a man out of clay would be a way of saying that he took something lower and breathed spirit into it. Saying he made the woman out of Adam’s rib would be shorthand for the spirit passing to his wife during sex. They would have put it in a way that children would not understand so they didn’t have to get into difficult discussions with them. It says somewhere in the bible not to add or take anything but it was already a selection made by men years after Jesus’ execution. They claimed to have the authority of God himself but they kowtowed to Rome so it is open to doubt.


    Lou Newton
    Original Author
    Allan you have every right to believe what you want to believe. But first of all, I have many reasons to believe that men did not decide on the words used, or the books included, in the Bible. Certainly a God who created everything that exists could inspire men to write exactly what He wanted them to write, and include exactly the Books that he wanted included. God only chose men that were surrendered to His will. There are also many reasons today that one can confirm what books should be included, and what books some claim should be included, that should not be included. The Roman Empire has nothing to do with my faith in what is true and what is not true. I would say that anyone who would make claims about the Bible and has never even read the whole Book let alone studied it for many decades is being very naive. 2 Peter 1: 19 We also have the prophetic message as something completely reliable, and you will do well to pay attention to it, as to a light shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts. 20 Above all, you must understand that no prophecy of Scripture came about by the prophet’s own interpretation of things. 21 For prophecy never had its origin in the human will, but prophets, though human, spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.

    Also I have found that after many years those who claim a superior position are often not wise at all. Isaac Newton was the most intelligent man I have ever read about. His discoveries are so many and so profound that it is very difficult to see how he could discover these things back in the 1600’s. Yet he was very humble and not at all arrogant. He never put down a person of lesser ability and was very aware that he knew very little compared to the truth that exists. I find that arrogant men are not wise and wise men are not arrogant. So I try to be humble and especially humble toward God. Isaac Newton stated that the Bible was totally true and that any man that claimed it was not had not made a true search of it.

    Ted .................

    I don’t totally agree, but upvoted because it is an interesting theory.


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      Mark .............
      June 27
      Even the ultra-conservative site, Answers in Genesis, denies there’s a major distinction between bara and asah

      Did God create (bara) or make (asah) in Genesis 1?


      Lou Newton
      Original Author
      Being ultra conservative does not confer that they know more truth. They are two different words with different uses in Genesis 1. If you disagree, fine. But i have stated my opinion and stand by it.


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        Slavisa ........................
        I think that good education is the most important thing in one's life as it teaches about real life and real facts and not what that book of imagined and invented creatures could possibly teach anybody as the only things that bible promotes is ignorance, superstition and primitivism.

        It is unbelievable that in this 21st century there are people who are still promoting beliefs of primitive goat herders from thousands of years ago.

        It is pathetic how little some of us have gone forward and how much primitivism is still around.
        Lou Newton - first reply

        The education you speak of is simply from men. Men taught that the planets all orbited around the earth instead of the sun for thousands of years. If men taught extreme error then, then men are teaching error today too. Men are not the source of truth. Men have caused wars that have killed many millions. Men have been very evil tyrants who have oppressed millions. Most all of Germany believed Hitler, but they seen their mistake only when their nation lay in ruins years later.

        Also one can spend much of their life getting an "education" and lose it in a second. They can lose their entire memory by a serious blow to the head. A man can spend years learning a skill with his hands and then lose his hands in an accident.

        If a man a humbles himself and seeks God, and ask God to reveal himself to him; God will reveal Himself to that man. That relationship with God is eternal and can never be lost.

        Lou Newton - 2nd reply
        Original Author

        Ignorant men think themselves wise - but wise men know of their ignorance - I have one question for you - have you read the entire Bible ? - I read the Koran and found it the most boring book I ever read. It was devoid of anything above mere human thought. I read the entire Book of Moron and found it one of the worst written books I ever read. The Bible was unique. It was filled with statements that were far above my ability to even understand. I am a mathematician and man of science and the Bible has been proven to be true in so many ways I can not list them here. - Instead of mocking the Bible as some do ( many of the people have not even read it ) Ivan Panin who was a world famous Mathematician decided to prove that there was no God and that God did not write the Bible. He had discovered that everything in nature is filled with math patterns. So he made a brilliant deduction. If God created the world and wrote the Bible; if the world is filled with math patterns the Bible would also be filled with them. Much to his amazement he found that the Bible was filled with math patterns. The Bible is written in Hebrew and Greek. These are the only two major languages that use the same characters for letters and numbers. So Panin took all the characters as numbers and added up the numbers in passages. He found that every passage added to a number that was exactly divisible by 7. Now every 7th number is divisible by 7. So there is one chance in 7 that this would be true in a passage. But if you add all the letters and it is disable by 7 and then add the nouns, the verbs and every part of speech and they are all divisible by 7 that becomes very remote to take place by chance. Panin found 28 different things to add in the first chapter of Matthew and they all added to a sum that was exactly divisible by 7. Now the odds of that taking place by chance are 7 to the 28th power. That is one chance in 45,998,653,650,000,000,000,000,000,000 that it could happen by chance. Panin was an atheist and he listed the number of things that added to a sum that was divisible by 7 in a 43,000 page document. This was checked by a large team of mathematicians and they could find no error. Panin was man of reason and said he proved the world was created by God and that God wrote the Bible. - Now that is just one small reason I believe The Bible was inspired by God. But I know God is real and I also know The Bible is His Book. You will say I can not know this. But that is invalid reasoning on your part. You can know what you know and do not know, BUT you can not know if I know something or not. I know calculus and if you do not know calculus, it is invalid for you then to say calculus does not exist because you do not know it. The fact that you do not know something does not prevent me from knowing something. If God created this universe He is certainly capable of communicating with any man that would ask Him to reveal Himself to them. He is certainly capable of proving that He exists to any man that would truly seek the truth.