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What the Romans and others said about Crucifixion

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  • What the Romans and others said about Crucifixion

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    The book by W. A. Stroud is the source for the most quoted details of the crucifixion.
    Stroud W. A Treatise on the Physical Cause of the Death of Christ. London: Hamilton & Adams, 1847

    A representative selection of medical hypotheses for the cause of death of Jesus, or crucifixion in general
    Cardiac rupture Physician Stroud 1847
    Heart failure Physician Davis 1965
    Hypovolaemic shock Forensic pathologist Zugibe 2005
    Syncope Surgeon LeBec 1925
    Acidosis Physician Wijffels 2000
    Asphyxia Surgeon Barbet 1963
    Arrhythmia plus asphyxia Pathologist Edwards 1986
    Pulmonary embolism Haematologist Brenner 2005
    Voluntary surrender of life Physician Wilkinson 1972
    Didn't actually die Physician Lloyd-Davies 1991
    If this is of interest to you the online article medical theories on the cause of death by crucifixion
    . . . . published in the British Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine may be read at:


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      Thanks Glen. Any human who is pierced in the side by a spear until water and blood pour forth, they are definitely dead. Many witnesses seen that this took place.