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Discipleship and Adultery

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  • Discipleship and Adultery

    Being a disciple of the Lord Jesus has never been possible without self sacrifice and loving God. The Lord God demands fidelity in His relationship to individuals and to a people or nation. Nothing is allowed to compete with the love and commitment to God. If when the Holy Spirit convicts a Christian about something which is like a hidden mistress in a marriage this conviction is very often ignored by the Christian. The Christian is receiving from this adulterous affair an illicit fruit. This illicit fruit is a substitute for a fruit which the Lord provides in the Christian’s relationship with the Lord. Illicit fruit or idolatry can be a large number of things.

    There was a Sunday back in 1975 when the Dallas Cowboys were making their run to Super Bowl X. The sermon and worship hour were shortened. An announcement was made that worship would end in time for everyone to get home for the noon kickoff. In this illicit fruit of joy and excitement the Spirit magnified the mistress with whom there was cheating on the Lord. Thereafter, watching sports teams would no longer be the mistress because they were ignored. But being a sports fan might be just one mistress of many mistresses in the harem.

    Should believers wear sports paraphernalia? People become like what they worship. This is why to be Christ like believers are commanded to worship only God. Idols are things made by people which serve the purpose of admiration and the related emotions of worship. It is obvious that dressing in the paraphernalia of ones hero or team imparts a certain feeling associated with the hero or team. This may also be observed at Halloween when children wear the costume of a favorite character. Such may also apply to many other paraphernalia from military, political, beer, or exclusive brands. The justification for symbolic paraphernalia is that it is not idol worship or even hero worship but just a way of supporting the team or wearing quality items – from purses to watches to shoe labels. The most universal and common paraphernalia is the diamond of the engagement ring because it can establish a level of pride and prestige.

    The Old Testament prohibitions against tattoos and prohibitions about how the beard and hair could not be cut were to address the appearance of the Canaanite priest leading the worship of idols. The children of God should not desire to appear like the pagan priests with shaved heads, goatees, and tattoos. Today’s culture continues to recognize the image of the devil as being similar to these priests which is similar to the popular image of a magician or of Anton La Vey who authored the Satanic Bible. Should Christians emulate such images? Do such fashion trends qualify as being an adulterous relationship to God the Father?

    Holy matrimony and its vows are a human analogy for the relationship of the Christian with the Lord. It is recognized that there are “open marriages” among secular people, but in a marriage before God there is the expectation of fidelity and faithfulness. How does it feel if one’s spouse is being comforted by and is sharing passions with another which should be only for the married spouse? In the Christian’s relationship with the Lord, He is faithful and expects faithfulness in return.

    Everything and anything that substitutes for what the Lord provides to a Christian is a mistress using the analogy of a marriage. What does the Lord provide in this relationship? Think of the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control, and discernment, all goodness and righteousness and truth. Everything and anything that is a Christian’s substitute for the emotions and excitement provided from the fruit of the Holy Spirit is adulterous relationship and is the Christian’'s spiritual mistress or idol.

    Here is the image of the style prohibited in Lev. 19.
    This is the style of the priests in the worship of the Canaanite idols.

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