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    -extracts by Bryan Hupperts

    As a heartsick American believer, I am writing to apologize to the

    nations for the false gospel of greed we have poisoned you with.

    Please, weigh what you hear from American Christian media in the

    light of the Bible. In that light, we are found weighed, and wanting.

    Our pricy prophets deliver pleasing words and playful images from

    their own imaginations. A global prophetic alert recently went out

    with images of dancers doing the Cancan because, so said the

    prophet, "God says you Can-Can!" Huh? All things prophetic

    have been turned into a profitable cash business. They promise

    money, money, money; prosperity abounding!, but ignore the

    required self-denial of the Cross. God says, in Jeremiah 23:29, "Is

    not my word like fire?" declares the LORD, "and like a hammer

    which shatters a rock?" Does a word that tickles the ear also

    shatter rock? Can these soothing words really be the words of God?

    We are exporting wholesale spiritual manifestations like the

    primitive Mormons used to experience: visions of pillars of light,

    orbs of light, strange spiritual manifestations and experiences not

    rooted or found the Bible, and many beguiled saints are drifting

    away from the sure word of Scripture as did the apostate Joseph

    Smith. Now we have Holy Ghost feathers and glittering gold and

    jewels appearing from the ether...

    The Great Whore of Revelation 17 is clad in colors other than white

    and is glittering with what? Gold, precious stones and pearls. Wow.

    Amazing that these are the exact same manifestations happening in

    charismatic circles round the globe.

    Our apostate apostles, merchandisers of the anointing, stand in

    gold-threaded Armani suits instead of the prayer wrought armor of

    God enticing you with promises of blessing if you'll send in

    your money. Aren't we simply to "Seek first the kingdom of God

    and His righteousness" and then these things, and they are

    only mere things, will be added to us? Since when are the marks of

    an apostle wealth, fame, and power? Are not the marks of a true

    apostle on his back from the blows and stripes of suffering for the

    cause of Christ?

    The original 12 apostles were ambassadors in chains, prisoners of

    Christ. Our glitzy "super-apostles" have more in common with the

    miracle working magicians of Pharaoh's court than Moses. All

    but one of the original apostles was martyred for his testimony of

    Jesus! When heads start rolling in America, will these self

    professing men of God stand or will they run for their private jets

    to escape the persecution? There will be no room on their jets for

    those who made them rich. By their fruit, you will know them.

    Brothers and sisters of the global church, the American church is

    fast becoming apostate. I live here and see it day after day. There

    is a praying remnant here who fear God, who have renounced

    charismatic witchcraft and prophetic profiteering, the sad hallmarks

    of the American church. Many of us have rediscovered the fear of

    God, the Bible, prayer, and holy living. There are many here who

    have not soiled their garment or bowed the knee to Baal but all

    you get to see is the "Greed for God" hucksterism being

    exported to the nations in the name of discipleship.

    Forgive us. Pray for us. Do not seek to be like us. The American

    prophetic movement and prosperity gospel is a two headed wolf that

    will beguile you from the simplicity and purity of devotion to

    Christ! Look in horror at the carnality, unsound doctrines, and

    wreckage of the American church. This wolf maims and devours

    all in its path.

    In my spirit, I saw the foreshadowing of a tombstone slowly rising

    across our land inscribed with Isaiah 50: 10-11.

    10 Who among you fears the LORD

    and obeys the word of his servant?

    Let him who walks in the dark,

    who has no light,

    trust in the name of the LORD

    and rely on his God.

    11 But now, all you who light fires

    and provide yourselves with flaming torches,

    go, walk in the light of your fires

    and of the torches you have set ablaze.

    This is what you shall receive from my hand:

    You will lie down in torment.

    Come out from us and touch not the unclean thing. Don't let

    our liars and merchandisers exploit you. Their prosperity

    promises don't work here and they won't work for you, either.

    Seek the Lord, and live.

    "But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other

    than the one we preached to you, let him be eternally condemned!"

    Galatians 1:8

    With profound apology,

    Bryan Hupperts

    An American Christian

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    The attack by Huppets is upon the TV Pentecostal ministers and their wealth.
    While Pentecostalism is the fastest growing denomination (now over 600 million which places it just behind Catholics)
    there remains many outside of Pentecostalism who sacrifice everything to serve and evangelize.
    Huppets might as well have apologized for LDS or JW or any of the cults.
    There is not any need for Christians to apologize for the Jewish people who reject Christ or for false presentation claiming to be the gospel or for preachers committing sexual sins.
    Hyppets apology may not be intended as so much an apology as it it is a reason to criticize false teachers and preachers.
    AN APOLOGY to THE NATIONS seems grandiose unless he actually has the nations as his audience or is speaking by divine inspiration as a prophet.

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      Just now occurred to me. The rise of Roman Catholicism was accompanied by the accumulation of wealth by some bishops and the Roman Church. Around A.D. 200 there was a bishop known for his extravagant life style. I had missed this parallel to the TV bishops of Pentecostalism as it too has risen rapidly gaining influence and power and wealth.

      Wealthy Pentecost TV preacher Kenneth Copeland is planted (owns) on what was a Texas National Guard base. My aunt was a civilian employee of the base and had base housing. It has an airport plus a seaplane airport and control tower connected to Eagle Mountain Lake by enormous concrete ramps into the water. Copeland uses the airport and massive hangers for his two jet airplanes. The base housing of my aunt was at the location of the seaport. I spent many weeks of my childhood with a cousin riding bikes, boating, climbing the deserted control tower, hunting and fishing, and climbing in and out of tanks. My cousin and I were free to roam all day from sunup to sundown. This period was from about 1951 to 1962.

      The first boat my father had was one of the 12 ft. cypress flat bottoms that the National Guard allowed to fill with water and mud to sink into the lake. When the lake was low dad went out and pulled up one of the tiny craft. After repairs and caulking it became the boat we floated Texas rivers in and camped on the banks. This boating in the 12 ft. started when I was three years old in 1946 and lasted until 1954.

      When I see Copeland I am reminded of the blessed days of childhood before he used holy money to purchase the base.