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    by Michael Edds

    In the fall of 2004, I had a dream. It was so real and terrifying that

    I had to get up from my bed. The following is an account of the dream:

    I was visiting my birthplace, a small village in the beautiful Greenbrier

    Valley of West Virginia. I pulled my car off the road and parked in

    front of the old Methodist Church. I got out of the car to stretch my

    legs. The day was absolutely pristine and picture perfect. The sky was

    cloudless, the sun bright, and the air fresh and crystal clear. I was

    admiring the beautiful flowers growing in peopleīs yards. Many were

    busy working in their yards and gardens on such a gorgeous day.

    There was such peace and serenity.

    I turned

    and looked toward the southeast. I was astonished at what I saw. A

    billowing cloud of complete blackness was suddenly approaching the

    town. It completely blotted out all light and scenery where it advanced

    and covered. It approached the village limits, which was a river

    southeast of the community.

    I made

    the comment, "Oh my God, the Darkness has come!" I sensed great evil

    and danger in it. I looked around to see if anyone else saw what I saw.

    To my amazement, people were oblivious to the approaching wall of

    darkness. They were still busy working in their yards and around their


    I made the statement, "They do

    not realize what it will be like when the Darkness comes. All of the

    sun light, beauty of nature and peace will disappear when the Darkness

    moves in. Everything in their lives will suddenly and drastically


    I turned to get into my

    car to flee the approaching Darkness. All of a sudden, six

    motorcyclists drove out of the blackness and across the bridge into the

    town. I gasped, "The advance guard of the Darkness has arrived!" These

    riders were on black motorcycles and dressed in black leather from

    head to toe.

    I jumped into my car as

    they approached. They slowed down as they reached my car and the

    leader yelled out, "Donīt you dare leave!" I locked my car doors as he

    approached and floored the gas pedal. My tires squealed as I fled. The

    motorcyclists pursued me and tried to force me off the road. I swerved

    into two and caused them to wreck. The rest pursued me for many miles

    and shot at me.

    After some distance,

    I approached some men working on the road and asked for help or to

    make a call for me to the police. The cyclist were no longer in sight. I

    started to get out of the car but heard a voice from above warning me

    to not to get out of the car but to drive on. Finally, I realized that

    I was running out of gas and stopped down the road to refuel. I pulled

    up to a gas station and started refueling. The dream ended with me

    praying for Godīs protection while I refueled.

    When I awoke, I was trembling with fear. I got up to settle myself.

    The parts of the dream that stood out were:

    1. The Darkness suddenly came upon the land.

    2. Before it came, all was serene, beautiful and peaceful.

    3. No one saw it coming.

    4. An advanced guard came into the community first on a

    reconnaissance mission.

    5. The Darkness then moved in and totally blotted out all light and

    beauty. Life drastically changed for people. 6. I fled for safety.

    America is on the threshold of something cataclysmic that will

    radically change life, as we know it. A wall of Darkness is about

    to suddenly fall upon this land.

    John 14:13 tells us that the Holy Spirit will tell us of things to come.

    He warns us in advance to prepare us for what is ahead.

    Hebrews 11:7 records, "...Noah, being divinely warned of things

    not yet seen, moved with Godly fear, prepared an ark for the

    saving of his household...."

    An advance guard of this

    Darkness is already at work. People are living in a false sense of

    complacent security. I believe that the cup of iniquity is full in

    America, which will unleash divine judgment upon this nation. Something

    is about to shatter the hardness of this wicked nationīs heart.

    God has revealed to me that a Great Awakening is about to burst forth upon

    the scene. This Awakening will give America and the world one last

    chance to repent. Most importantly, it will bring the Bride of Christ

    together. Historically, Awakenings have preceded calamity. This could

    happen again. However, the coming Darkness may actually precede the

    Final Awakening and be the cause of people turning to God, which would

    bring about the Awakening.

    May Godīs people listen to the warning of the Holy Spirit and move with

    Godly fear to the saving of their households and neighborhoods. God

    desires for us to prepare an ark of safety to which people can flee for

    refuge when disaster comes. Let us listen and quickly move. Darkness is


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    Isaiah 4 (NIV)

    4 1 In that day seven women
    will take hold of one man
    and say, “We will eat our own food
    and provide our own clothes;
    only let us be called by your name.
    Take away our disgrace!”
    Who are the seven women in the verse above ?

    They are the seven churches in The Revelation. They are all seven types of churches and all seven ages the church will go through.

    Who is the one man in the verse above? That is Jesus Himself of course.

    All seven churches will take hold of Christ and say - "we will eat our own food "- They will eat their own food ,or their own doctrines, instead of the Bread of Life, who is Christ Himself. This of course is the way to destruction.

    They will "provide their own clothes" - instead of being covered with the blood of Christ, they will choose to try to cover themselves with their own works. Of course this will lead to their destruction.

    But they want to be called by His Name, or be called Christians. They want Christ to take away their disgrace which of course is their sin.

    This is the falling away of the churches. The only way to be saved is to trust in Jesus to save you and trust in nothing else but Him.

    1 John 1

    5 This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all. 6 If we claim to have fellowship with him and yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not live out the truth. 7 But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin.

    8If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. 9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. 10 If we claim we have not sinned, we make him out to be a liar and his word is not in us.


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      Glen Smith sent me this reply by email; thanks Glen:

      Glen B Smith
      To:Lou Newton

      Aug 3 at 1:22 PM
      Lou, you make an interesting allegorical interpretation of this passage designed to agree with your interpretation of the seven churches of Revelation 2 & 3. Below follow other commentaries.

      Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary
      4:1 This first verse belongs to the third chapter. When the troubles should come upon the land, as the unmarried state was deemed reproachful among the Jews, these women would act contrary to common usage, and seek husbands for themselves.

      Barnes' Notes on the Bible
      In that day - The time of calamity referred to in the close of the previous chapter. This is a continuation of that prophecy, and there was no reason why these six verses should have been made a separate chapter. That the passage refers to the Messiah, is apparent from what has been stated in the note at the commencement of the prophecy Isaiah 2:1-4, and from the expressions which occur in the chapter itself; see the notes at Isaiah 4:2, Isaiah 4:5-6. Seven women - The number "seven" is used often to denote a "large" though "indefinite" number; Leviticus 26:28; Proverbs 24:16; Zechariah 3:9. It means that so great should be the calamity, so many "men" would fall in battle, that many women would, contrary to their natural modesty, become suitors to a single man, to obtain him as a husband and protector.
      Shall take hold - Shall apply to. The expression, 'shall take hold,' denotes the "earnestness" of their application.
      We will eat our own bread ... - We do not ask this in order to be maintained. We will forego that which the law Exodus 21:10 enjoins as the duty of the husband in case he has more than one wife.

      Lou, of interest is the commentary on on Isaiah 2:1 by Ellicott. It provides the historical setting for Isaiah 4:1.
      Gill's commentary, which follows after Ellicott's, allows space for your interpretation.

      Isaiah 2:1
      The word which Isaiah the son of Amoz saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem.

      This verse introduces the section of the work which closes with either of Isaiah 4 or Isaiah 5. It is probable that the section was originally recorded as a stand alone utterance of Isaiah delivered by preaching or as a scroll. The vision concerns Judah and Jerusalem within the historical context when Isaiah spoke these words.

      The following is from:

      Ellicott's Commentary for English Readers

      (1) The word that Isaiah the son of Amoz saw.--On the relation of this chapter to Isaiah 1, see Introduction. The moral and social state described in it points to an earlier date than the reformation of Hezekiah. The sins of the people are more flagrant; but there is not as yet with them the added guilt of a formal and ceremonial worship. The character of the king in Isaiah 3:12 corresponds with that of Ahaz. The influence of the Philistines, traceable in Isaiah 2:6, is probably connected with their invasion of Judah in that reign (2Chronicles 28:18). The mention of "ships of Tarshish" in Isaiah 2:16 points to a time when the commerce of the Red Sea (1Kings 9:26; 1Kings 22:48) was still in the hands of Judah, and prior, therefore, to the capture of Elath by Rezin, king of Syria (2Kings 16:6). We are able, therefore, with hardly the shadow of uncertainty, to fix the date of the whole section as belonging to the early years of the reign of Ahaz, with, perhaps, a backward glance at evils which belonged also to the reigns of Uzziah and Jotham. The title of the superscription unites in an exceptional form the two ideas of the prophet and of the seer. What follows is "the word" of Isaiah, but it is a word that he has seen.

      Gill’s Exposition of the Entire Bible

      Gill’s Exposition of the Entire Bible provides a future interpretation to the passage.
      The word that Isaiah the son of Amoz saw,.... That is, the vision which he saw, for a new one here begins, though agreeable to what goes before; or the prophecy of future things, which he had given to him in a visionary way. The Targum paraphrases it, "the word of prophecy, which Isaiah, the son of Amoz, prophesied:'' or the thing, the "decree", as some choose to render it, the purpose of God concerning things to come, which was revealed to the prophet, and he here declares: concerning Judah and Jerusalem; the church and people of God, and what should befall them and their enemies in the latter day: this inscription stands for this and the three following chapters (includes 2-5).