Ken Ham's "replica" of Noah's ark, called the Ark Encounter, is just a building. Why didn't Ham build a real ark and float it on water?

Lou Newton, former Steel Mill Crane Designer and Physics Teacher

Ken Ham’s building, that he calls an “ark”, is supported by the ground. It is no Ark at all, but is only a mere building. A real Ark that floated on the water would have had to be strong enough to be self supporting. The longer the boat the heavier the keel and the stronger the keel has to be. Ken Ham’s building in no miracle. For Noah to build and Ark 450 feet long that survived the earthquakes , storm, and the flood, back that long ago, was truly a miracle.

A boat 450 feet long could be built today out of wood. But the cost would be truly spectacular. Far far more than the cost of Ham’s fake “Ark” building that can not even float on water, yet survive a great flood.

No mere man can duplicate Noah’s Ark and the conditions it survived. To imply that if one walks through a building on land, is an encounter with Noah’s Ark, is simply not putting forth the truth.

Noah and his family are the only ones who had an Ark encounter. The difference between their encounter and Ken Ham’s is greater than the difference between day and night.

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