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Three Days of Darkness prophecy

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  • Three Days of Darkness prophecy

    Apparently, there is a prophecy that originated from a Catholic priest named Padre Pio. This particular prophecy was later purportedly confirmed by a 19th century Catholic nun named Sister Annamarie Taigi.
    The prophecy goes like this:
    At sometime in the future there will be the occurrence of three days of total, absolute darkness. During that time no lighting will work other than blessed candles made of beeswax. The faithful should remain in their dwellings because a deathly pestilential atmosphere will permeate the air . While in their dwellings people should close their curtains and lock their doors. Reportedly, multitudes of demons will be released onto the earth and people are urged to not peek from their blinds in order to see what is happening outside. Also, people should not open their doors because these demons will have the ability to imitate loved ones voices and will attempt to feign serious trouble in order to have those inside open their door. The faithful are urged to find an interior safe room and pray the rosary and to pray penitence for their sins.

    I might not have all the precise details or use the precise wording...

    For the record, I cannot find any Scriptural passages that would tend to support this prophecy.

    I will try to copy and paste a link here to said video, so that you can hear for yourself.
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