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The Lord is full of mercy and grace

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  • The Lord is full of mercy and grace

    I had a wisdom tooth come in about a year ago. It was rotten so I pulled it myself. The top of the tooth broke off and the roots were left in. My dentist said I should have the roots removed. So he removed them yesterday. He said he would have to numb the tooth and I asked if he could pull it without doing that. He told me he would not remove it without numbing it, so he did so. The tooth had 4 roots that were very long and curved and he had a very difficult time removing them. After he was done, he told me that the pain would be very severe after the drug wore off and he wanted to give me some pain pills, I thanked him, but I refused to take them.

    I went for a 3 mile run right after I got home. The run made it bleed some and I had to spit out the blood while running but did my 3 miles. I did not feel like it was my best day, but felt fine.

    I had absolutely no pain at anytime after he pulled the roots of that tooth, not one tinge of pain in the last two days.

    The Lord is full of mercy and grace.