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    I needed a cheese grater, so while grocery shopping I went to see what they had. The Lord presented me with a small variety of choices, and this nifty little cube caught my eye.

    Pricey, but less expensive than buying several rasps.

    Then I saw on the side: Blades made in America.

    I laughed out loud, a good belly laugh. My choice was made for me. You know how rare these things are, goods made in America and a good belly laugh.

    When I got home I decided to clean out some old science projects in the fridge. Mold gets to me, so I opened the kitchen door to the outside and the window over the sink for ventilation.

    While I ran hot water to rinse and kill the spores I took a short break outside to get some clean air. Then I heard breaking glass. Oh no, did the hot water break my Pyrex? How weird.

    No. It was a breeze that kicked up the shades and knocked something off the sill, which broke a dish on the counter.

    I don't know why but I whispered, "Thank you, Lord." Give thanks for all things, right? I cleaned up the glass carefully. I've learned the hard way to be careful with tiny shards.

    Having done that I picked up the cube grater and began unwrapping it. The small print says to keep fingers off the blades because they are sharp. Nice: I like sharp things!

    While rinsing and examining the cube to see if it disassembled I noticed my fingertip had been sliced neatly. I underestimated the sharpness of the blades. No blood, just the prints.

    Then I recalled the number of times recently I nicked my fingers and fingernails while chopping veggies. No blood, except once when I really wasn't respecting the blade. I like to keep my knives very sharp.

    I think the Lord was showing me something. Thank you for these small mercies, Lord. And for things that are still made in America.

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    What is neat about that grater is the container it comes in. You do not have to wash it every time you use it. You can simply put it in the container with the lid on, and put in it the fridge.

    Also having used a grater with dull knives, the really sharp knives are good. They will grate that hard cheese really fast instead of taking so much time.
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      Grate Day in the Morning

      I like it.

      I plan on purchasing one.

      Can't wait to hit it with some Romano.

      Thanks Lou


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        This is a great post and thread. Thanks, everyone.