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Paul Washer testimony - God's love for his children

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  • Paul Washer testimony - God's love for his children

    Length: 6:24

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    Originally posted by Baruch View Post

    Thanks Barry. This made my eyes well up with tears too. It reminded me of many times that God did something like that through me for someone, or did something for me through someone.


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      I agree with what Paul Washer says as long as we all agree that the church in not the false church that the world sees as the church. But the true body of Christ is the true church. Most of the true church is hidden from the world.

      Everyone who trusts in The Lord Jesus to save them, and nothing, and no one else to save them is part of that true church.

      All those who claim to be part of the true church but trust in Jesus plus any other law or rule to be saved are not in that church.