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B-2 bomber and The Lord

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  • B-2 bomber and The Lord

    I seen a few days ago that the Youngstown Air show was this weekend. I thought about going, but did not want to go by myself. A few days later Isaac called and said he was on the way here. So I had hoped he could go with me, but when he arrived he said they were leaving the next day to go to the East Coast. I asked several people but no one wanted to go. So I was not going to go.

    I had read the web site and seen the list of planes that were going to be there. I would like to see the MiG 17 fly and the F-86 Sabre, and the T-33, but decided not to go. ( The MiG-17 was the tightest turning fighter in the world until the F-16 flew. It gave our F-4 Phantoms a fit in Vietnam and the F-4 was a much newer plane)

    This morning I was going to sleep in, but awoke at 6 AM and someone spoke to me and said there will be a B-2 bomber flyby. I said, that was not on the program and wondered if this was The Lord. Well I got up showered and ate and left for the air show.

    When I arrived, the announcer said there would be a big surprise for everyone. A B-2 bomber would do a flyby. When it arrived it did about 4 or 5 passes and was really nice to see. I had seen one on the ground, but only a quick few second pass over once. I thanked The Lord several times for getting me up.

    Later that morning a man who I have been disciplining since he was 19 called and said he was on the way to the show. He found me and we sat together under the shade of a DC-3 nose for the rest of the show.

    It is simply amazing that The Lord would even have any concern about such a thing. B-2 bombers are not a spiritual thing. I am amazed by how He is concerned about every small detail in our lives.

    I had been thinking that I was going to spend Fathers Day alone. Then I was aware that I was not a good father, but He is a perfect Father who even came down to be born of a woman and die for us. YET, how many will thank Him this Father's Day for being such a good Father.

    He is certainly a man of sorrows; for I know my sorrow that I will not be with any of my children on Father's Day.

    Why not remember our Father in heaven in a special way this Father's Day.

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    And Stan said, “Just coincidences.”

    Good point about our Father which art in heaven on father’s Day.


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      Originally posted by glen smith View Post
      And Stan said, “Just coincidences.”

      Good point about our Father which art in heaven on father’s Day.
      Thanks for the reply Glen. I wonder what the chances were that a BILLION dollar aircraft ( that our Air force has only 20 in number) would fly over the little town of Youngstown, Ohio ( Pop 50,000). This is the smallest air show around and I have never heard of a B-2 flying over before. But this B-2 gave us a 10 minute demonstration. Think of the fuel cost ( and risking a Billion dollar plane) to fly from Missouri to Eastern Ohio.

      I could not find it, but I know there is a verse in some English translation of the Bible that says there is no such thing as coincidence.


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        Few read this, so I will bump it for more to see.