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Losing weight is very hard at 73

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  • Losing weight is very hard at 73

    I have not run 400's for many years. When I was 61, I ran a 400 in 61 sec. But now that I am 73 I am very slow.

    But I ran a 400 for the first time in years the other week. I was really discouraged with my time of 95 seconds. BUT I weighed myself and found I weighed 159 #, yeek.

    So I went on a diet to try to lose weight. In a couple of weeks I lost 10 # and now weigh 149 # with my running clothes on.

    So I ran another 400 today ( this is my second attempt). I have not run one since a couple of weeks ago.

    So today I ran one in 85 seconds. I would not have been very happy with 85 sec, but after 95 sec I was really encouraged by it. I was walking around happy all day.

    This really reveals how The Lord will reward us if we obey His laws about food.

    If I took 10 seconds off with a loss of 10 # then if I lose another 10 # I should be able to run a 400 in 75 sec.

    I am aware that the next 10 will be much harder than the first 10. I have tried to lose weight before but could not stick to my diet. This time I prayed and asked The Lord to help me. This lady I know lost 50 pounds by cutting out sugar. So I cut way down on anything with sugar in it. I am even making my own yogurt without sugar.

    I am very thankful for The Lord's help. This lady telling me how she lost 50 # was what inspired me to be try this. I am thankful to her too.

    I will try to let you know how it went in a few weeks after trying to lose 10 more.

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    Today we ran again in the park. We went 4.5 miles and we sprinted up a very steep hill that was 65 yards long. I took 14 seconds and Issac did it in 10 seconds. He is still pretty fast and it was such a pleasure to watch him sprint up that hill.

    But my point is this. It takes more than diet to lose weight. When you do intense muscle workouts it causes those muscles to burn energy all day and all night.

    So do short intense exercise with short low intensity exercise in between. We walked for 3/4 mile than jogged a mile to warm up our muscles. Then we sprinted up this hill with a rest in between sprints. Then we ran a quick half mile with a walk after to cool down.

    The high intensity exercise should be in the middle of your workout.


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      I had run three days in a row, so today we walked 7 miles instead.

      Here is a principle that you must follow in your exercise if you want to progress, instead of going backwards.

      It is important to work your muscles. This tears them down and burns the fats out of them. BUT if you want your muscles to replace that fat with muscle tissue, you must allow them a time of rest to rebuild.

      So the best way to exercise is to have a hard day, and then an easy day, followed by another hard day, and then an easy day.

      The hard days of exercise burn the fat out of your muscles, and the easy days allow your muscles to replace the fat with muscles tissue. Also when you exercise on the easy day, the exercise causes the blood to wash away the waste products in your muscles.

      The more fat you burn out of the muscles, and then replace it with muscle tissue, gives you more muscle tissue in your body to burn the fat in your whole body to lose weight. The more muscle tissue you have the more fat you will burn day and night.

      BUT remember you will not lose as much weight as you might think. Because you are replacing the fat with muscle. BUT you are ridding your body of the fat that ruins your health. Muscle tissue is good for your body and will make you stronger.

      Remember to make progress you must alternate hard days and then easy days.


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        Thanks for these tips, Lou, and for sharing. There's wisdom in your approach, and the Lord is gracious towards us.


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          Well today I walked, jogged, and ran 8 miles and after my run I weighed 140#.

          So I am very thankful to The Lord for helping me to lose these pounds that are not good for my health and sure make it hard to run.

          I weighed 159#, so I have lost 19# and it is much easier to run. I feel so much better with the loss of that fat. I feel sure I have also put on some muscle to replace some of the fat. I am running my 1/2 mile boardwalk in 3:40 now and it is not hard like it used to be.

          I was doing 4.5 miles 3 times a week and now I am doing 8 miles 6 times a week.

          So it takes both diet and exercise to lose weight in a short time and keep it off.

          The Lord Jesus is full of mercy and grace.

          If you are trying to lose weight, I posted this to encourage you. Post a prayer request and we will pray for The Lord to help you in your weight loss.


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            I'm glad you achieved your goal, Lou. Thanks for this encouragement.


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              Originally posted by Baruch View Post
              I'm glad you achieved your goal, Lou. Thanks for this encouragement.
              Thanks Barry.