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God’s Guide For Memories

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  • God’s Guide For Memories

    Carefully made should be our memories.
    Memories can be haunting or wonderful – depending.
    Remembering past experiences can be deliberating.
    Ask any veteran suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome.
    Given the option, the better choice is to follow the Lord Jesus in making memories
    and not allow the desires of the flesh, both those fleshly desires both and emotional.
    A Holy Spirit lead past insures good memories.
    It is far better to suffer meekly and with humility
    than to act in way which makes haunting memories.
    The present is very short, but memories last a very long time.

    But if we have a large burden of terrible memories there is a divine solution found in Ecclesiastes 5:20. “For he will not much remember the days of his life because God keeps him occupied with joy in his heart.” (RSV)

    When our hearts are filled with divine joy the present seems to be an eternity!
    The past is not remembered and the future is not a worry.
    How can we have a heart full of divine joy?