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  • Life can be like

    Life can be like the green pastures and still waters.
    Life can be like fields ready for harvest.
    Life can also be like the desert without any water.
    Life can be like the green pastures and still waters.

    Green pastures and still waters are an allusion to the best place for a shepherd to graze and water the flock. The flock has the nutritious green grass and the water is peaceful where the flock may drink. Life is good in the green pastures and still waters and such places are where those blessed by there Heavenly Father are led by the Good Shepherd.

    As you read your Bible you will come upon the English word bishop. The English word bishop is the translation of the New Testament Greek word for shepherd.
    Also, life can be like fields white, ready to harvest.

    Oh, how very cynical we are about the ripe field ready to harvest.
    We say there is no harvest because there are only tares or weeds.
    We say all the seed fell by the wayside where the birds ate it up.
    We say all the seed fell on rocky ground where there was not enough soil to survive in the hot sun.
    We say all the seed fell among thorns where the thorns blocked all the sun light and took up all the room to grow.
    We look away from the seed that fell into good ground for the harvest was not white for Jesus said the harvest would be white.

    However, whatever is our excuse to think there are not any seed left, the Lord Jesus said of His Church, who is the Bride of Christ, the Children of the Lord, the Joint Heirs with Christ, and the Body of Christ –
    “the gates of hell shall not prevail against” the Church (Matthew 16:18).
    “Say not ye, There are yet four months, and then cometh harvest?
    behold, I say unto you,
    Lift up your eyes,
    and look on the fields;
    for they are white already to harvest (John 4:35).

    The seed of the Good Shepherd brought forth fruit, some an hundredfold, some sixtyfold, some thirtyfold. And of these fields are the same fields which are the people who crucified Him, these same fields of an apostate and rebellious Israel, and the same fields sown by the Good Shepherd and for whom God so loved that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    What do you see when you lift up your eyes on the fields?
    Do you see the apostate church or the Church that prevails against the gates of hell?
    Life ought to be like fields white, ready to harvest.
    Finally, life can also be like the desert without any water.

    The seeds of some desert plants do not sprout immediately when planted.
    Such seeds germinate over a period of two to three years. Why?
    This is because the conditions of the desert can be so hostile that if all the seed sprouted when first scattered, none might survive. If the climate conditions at that particular time were unusually hot, or the wind blew the seed onto rocky ground, or there is the absence of water, then the tender seedlings would all perish. By extending the germination over many months, even years, there is a greater chance that some seedlings will survive when the desert conditions are more moderate for the tender seedlings to survive. Just as it is with spiritual growth, sometimes, the desert is just too hostile for tender new sprouts.

    When is the best time to visit the desert? It has been said that it is the season when the desert blooms, when the blooms produce all the vivid colors. This is the season of seed production.

    Life can be like a desert. To see the full potential of its beauty, one must know the right season. To know the full beauty of a person’s life, one must know the right season and only the Heavenly Father knows the right season of a person’s heart. Only the Heavenly Father knows when the desert of life is moderated enough for tender new sprouts of spiritual faith to take hold and grow. Believe and be patient or as the King James Version translates patient – be long suffering.
    The prayer for you is to suffer long for those loved ones and for those whom the Lord has placed upon your heart. Only the Heavenly Father knows when their heart is ready.

    The prayer for you is to see every person, even those who we wish were not here or to have never existed, as the fields white, ready to harvest. The Lord determines the weed from the grain. That is not our job.

    The prayer for you is to see - the Church triumphant.

    The prayer for you is to follow the Good Shepherd and be nourished by the green pasture and still waters.

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