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    by T. Austin-Sparks

    The need of a new thing

    There is a growing sense and conviction that a new thing on the

    Lordīs part is a pressing necessity. There is a feeling that we

    have gone so far and have come to a place where it is at least

    difficult to go further without some fresh movement from the Lordīs side.

    I think most of the Lordīs true people are sensing something like

    that, and it is put into this phrase - `a new thingī. But we must

    be careful as to what we mean when we use a phrase like that.

    What do we mean by a new thing on the Lordīs part?

    We must be careful because we must realize that the Lord has

    not been experimenting and, as the result of His experiments,

    finding things to fail and discarding them and then trying

    something else. That is not the case. The Lord has never experimented.

    Experimentation on His part would imply at once limitation of

    knowledge, that He did not know how things would work out,

    and that He was just trying it out to see.

    When the Lord started, He started with what was absolutely

    successful. There is no question there. The Lordīs first way

    and first means were absolutely successful. It is Christianity

    that has deviated from the effective, successful way of the Lord.

    So that what will be a new thing with the Lordīs people will just

    be a return to the original. Perhaps it sounds like a charge,

    almost an accusation, to say that to return to the original would

    be quite a new thing. Nevertheless, to a very large extent that

    is true, and the necessity for that return proves the validity of

    the original. You will have to come back to it because it is the

    only way.