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The Death of Truth, The Decline of Culture

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  • The Death of Truth, The Decline of Culture

    This video contains very profound truth about the lies being told today and how to expose these lies:

    Glen Smith sent me this really important video. He had watched the video I had posted of "Jeff Foxworthy on the Bible" and sent me an email about it. He also recommended this video. I watched it and it is full of really profound truth told in a understandable way. I highly recommend that you watch the whole video. Thank you Glen:

    Also here is the link for the other video of Jeff Foxworthy on the Bible:

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    This is a very good video and I hope more people will take the time to watch it. There is many profound truths that are made easy to understand.


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      I received this reply from Barry:

      From Barry
      To:lou newton

      Jun 2 at 3:14 PM

      That was interesting. A Jew, a Pentacostal (Foxworthy?), and a Traditionalist. I liked many of their answers, displaying insight, wisdom, grace, and desiring a higher morality. But I came away with a sense of weak focus on Christ; possibly it was the venue they were speaking in.

      Prager's attitude towards Christianity is one of practicality. From a humanist perspective that's way better than animosity. On the other hand, it reveals he doesn't find Christianity challenging, and that saddens me.

      Foxworthy said the devotional he was reading was Jesus Calling. This is a pagan book with occult beliefs, adorned with Christian terminology. I hope someone had a mind to set him straight.

      Zacharias worries me. Very articulate, a worthy debater, and a celebrity of sorts. He seems keen on intersectionality, finding out the intersection of our beliefs and having fellowship in them. It risks, in my opinion, a brand of light ecumenism. And it risks neutering the gospel. Practicing and growing in our distinctions is one of the things that matures us in Christ, forming our understanding of God.

      Over all it was a good session. I enjoyed listening to each one of them in that dynamic setting. And I must say it is mighty refreshing to see an entertainment celebrity speaking openly of Jesus Christ, and apparently walking upright. Foxworthy seems to have a passion. I'll pray for him.

      Foxworthy's testimony of the boy who lost his Bible, his only remaining gift from his mom, is totally awesome. Praise the Lord.

      Thanks for sending these, Lou.