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    by Kelly Joel Weiler

    My observations of outpourings is that wherever the Spirit is

    poured out on an incompatible wineskin (a wineskin is used in

    biblical metaphor as a system or paradigm, and heart values as

    well as religious understandings) is that the old wineskin (ie. men

    doing it their way) would not accommodate the will and nature of

    the new wine but try to contain it, control, manipulate, and even

    market the outpouring of the Spirit.

    -In some ways putting restraints, to redirect, to control and even

    minimalize the expression of the Spirit. As always, there is also

    the aspect of people trying to validate themselves and their

    wineskins (systems, churches, ideologies, ministries, organizations)

    by the fact that there was living water in their midst. (I have seen all

    these, as most likely have you and most of the readers. It's normal

    human behaviour.)

    This, I think, is much what we've had in the past, and I for one am

    not interested in that at all !!

    A New Church:

    I really think that although we've seen many 'revivals' come and

    go, that what is being pent up is a revival to be poured out, on,

    into and through a far superior wineskin than we have seen in

    past 'revivals'. A new wineskin, as Jesus called it, is a vehicle

    that is in harmony with the expression of the wine.

    Jesus' own men first thought that leadership was an opportunity

    for advancement, advantage, and personal glory (which he worked

    out of them pretty fast). So also, much of our church heritage,

    and present experience of 'church' is by and large made of the

    same. Men have manipulated and used, rather than received the

    Spirit. And so he through history, through every little pouring out

    of the Spirit, quenched, grieved, and attempted to interpret the

    Spirit with our own overlays. We have tried to contort him into our

    boxes, and he just doesn't fit.

    With so many historically large outpourings, (I have lived through

    many small ones, and studied some of history), the outpouring and

    it's potential diminished until there remains after each deluge, only

    a seed of results. God, knowing all along what we would do, still

    poured out his Spirit in varying degrees, and for varying short times

    and seasons. -Knowing this would still serve many eternal

    purposes. (without these outpourings, we would likely have no

    momentum at all) But as I said, only a remnant of results would

    remain after each outpouring.



    An ideal wineskin (metaphorically) doesn't impose it's shape on

    the wine, but is prepared to move in harmony with the fermenting

    wine. Rather than imposing a rigid preconceived shape to the wine,

    it takes it's shape and finds it's purpose in the movement of the

    wine. It lives for the wine, rather than the wine for it!

    Our whole paradigm of many things must be entirely re-worked.

    Many things inherited from the hundreds of dark years of the

    church must be entirely re-defined! These are not inconsequential

    to simply a need for new wine, but entirely fundamental to a

    successful stewardship of this coming outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

    This new Wine-skin must needs having been prepared of the Lord

    through many years of doings and deeper yet undoings, that the

    Lord himself have a vessel that will be entirely compatible with this

    precious wine. (This, many of us have seen the Lord has already

    been doing for some time now!!)

    Although many outpourings in the past have not continued very

    long due to men's very poor receptacles. As you have written in so

    many of your excellent articles, most of the outpourings of history

    have not continued long. Primarily due to the fact that there was

    little on the receiving end that was compatible with the outpoured Spirit.

    As many of us have hoped, this next outpouring may very well be

    one final and greatest pouring ever, and hopefully one that is

    sustained. A SUSTAINED REVIVAL is what we want. Not some

    quick splash, we all get wet and have some fun, and then things

    return to much the same as before. No, but the purpose of the

    next outpouring must be for CONVERTING the Body, UNDOING

    what has been misconstrued, and bringing in the HARVEST on

    waves of His GLORIOUS PRESENCE. It is also for ANOINTING

    many for DEATH, and to sustain them through DARK TIMES for

    a GREATER RESSURECTION. It is to be unto a completed Body,

    and ready for his return, bearing his nature, and carrying his glory

    without misinterpretation!

    One would expect that the wineskin to receive and give so great

    an outpouring it's wanted expression would also be the finest, the

    most compatible, the least contrived, the most true to God's heart.

    And we would expect that for such an outpouring, God has been

    preparing a vessel.

    This vessel is first being seen in preparation in the millions of

    hearts in whom the desire and vision for a new vessel is being

    formed. There are multitudes who really have been going through

    a breaking down of illusions, and a deep renewal process in

    preparation for this outpouring. While of course, some of us will

    fail (we're human), many are going to eventually succeed in

    RECEIVING the Spirit on his terms.

    To succeed we will not Lord it over others, or use the gifts to

    promote or glorify ourselves. We will not merchandise the Spirit.

    We will not manipulate situations where God is moving to extort

    money, to build for ourselves empires, or to grandstand ourselves

    or our gifts, simply to let God be shown off for who he is.

    We will RECEIVE THE SPIRIT and will use every opportunity to

    point towards the God who is pouring his life out. We will truly be

    the generation that brings him fame rather than the shame that

    has been. We will be a generation in whom true humility is

    fundamentally part of our whole life form, in which leadership is

    servanthood, and ministry is an action verb describing our labor of

    service, rather than a noun describing our shameful displays of

    titles, offices, and positions we have clamored for over one another.

    Leadership and ministry as Jesus defines it will be lowly minded

    again, not the high-minded way that has been often presented by

    people that really should know better. There is a change coming,

    and it is to take on the teachings of Jesus Christ seriously, as our

    foundation. It's very hard to construe out of Jesus' teachings what

    we see today of what has become called 'Church', and the

    high-minded leadership format which has dominated the church

    scene since the early beginnings of the Dark Ages, (which Jesus

    and Paul both fore-saw and prophesied).

    Back to the Revival:

    The church, in those places which will truly RECEIVE THE SPIRIT,

    will be outposts of love. Havens of help to humanity, outposts of

    heaven to the needy of earth. -Not programmed and run by

    bureaucrats. Politics, and position mindedness, clamoring for

    advantage will be furthest from our minds. Ministry will no longer

    be falsely so-called in this true church, under the guise of position

    posting, with the nature of climbers. But 'ministry' will come to

    describe the multitude graces of God upon all his people. It will be

    the action and life they give in realized help, not the positions of the

    fallen 'climber' system.

    I for one am not looking for just another outpouring, largely lost

    amongst jealous, carnal 'CLIMBERS'. But an outpouring to outdo

    all others, and one in which the jealousy of God will not tolerate

    the 'Nicolaitan' way.

    -Kelly Joel Weiler.