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    by Vance Havner

    We have failed in the New Testament pattern of faith in Christ,

    fellowship with Christ, faithfulness to Christ, and fruitfulness for Christ...

    If the time, money, and effort spent in trying to work up evangelism

    in lukewarm churches were spent in calling the churches themselves

    to repentance, confession, cleansing, and empowering, evangelism

    would be the natural result. We are trying to produce the results

    without the cause, the fruit without the tree. The New Testament

    epistle writers concentrated not on stirring up Christians to

    evangelize but rather on developing healthy Christians... Healthy

    Christians are naturally soul-winners, by life and by lip.

    Which comes first, revival or evangelism? This is not a chicken-

    or-egg question. Scripture, reason, and experience teach that

    God begins with His own people. David must have the joy of

    salvation restored before he can teach transgressorīs Godīs

    ways and see sinners converted. And Peter must be converted

    himself before he can strengthen the brethren and feed the sheep.

    But revivals should not be necessary. God meant that we should

    grow in grace continually. Springtime is often used as an

    illustration of revival, but Christian growth should be continuous,

    not seasonal. Periodic backsliding and repenting are not normal

    Christian experience and should never be so regarded. When

    we have a vigorous daily Christian experience, revival is

    unnecessary, for a glowing fire does not need rekindling. But

    because our condition is subnormal, revival is necessary to get

    us back to normal. Then it has served its purpose. Revivals are

    not supposed to last; to try to live at revival pitch all the time

    would make Christians and churches abnormal. Excesses have

    followed some revivals because some dear souls attempted to

    live on the mountaintop all the time.

    Nevertheless, just now the number-one item on the agenda is

    repentance in the church accompanied by confession and

    forsaking of sin, reconciliation and restitution, separation from

    the world, submission to the lordship of Christ, and the filling

    of the Spirit. Finney said, "Revival is a new beginning of

    obedience to God." It is not an emotional binge, although of

    course it affects the emotions because it affects the whole

    man. Nor does it begin happily; it starts with a broken and

    contrite heart.

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    Most of it makes sense to me.


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      Originally posted by Fisherman View Post
      Most of it makes sense to me.
      Thanks for the reply Fisherman. It is so good to hear from you. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.


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        Hey Lou. Hope you are doing well and that you also have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving.