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    by Andrew Strom

    Deaths, job losses, closures. We are all surrounded by tragedy

    at this moment - and as we all know, the damage will go on and

    on - well after the deaths decline. Livelihoods ruined, homes and

    businesses gone, millions devastated and left bankrupt. Most

    do not realize exactly how much has been lost.

    And so we will weep with those who weep. We cannot downplay

    the tragedy of what is happening here. But I have a very different

    word for the Remnant of God. You know who you are.

    Despite all this tragedy, to those who have been "waiting" in the

    caves and the rocks and the depths of the wilderness - I say,

    "Lift up your eyes." The very season you have been waiting for

    is here. Your true ministry is about to begin.

    We are living in the "sudden stop." We are living in the great 'Reset'.

    In 100 years when they speak of this era, they will speak of this

    as the moment when everything changed. Like World War II, like

    the Great Depression - this is the hour after which nothing will ever

    be the same. And Remnant - this is the season you were built for.

    I am speaking to those who have been set apart. You have allowed

    yourself to be broken. You have trained yourself for battle. You

    know how to preach Repentance and Conviction of sin. You have

    been trained in the healing of the sick and the moving of the Holy

    Spirit. You know how to baptize, to pray powerfully - and to train

    others. You are a fully-equipped preacher of the true gospel.

    You have used your time well. You have paid down your debt. Your

    hands are free of shackles - and you're ready to go. You have a

    boldness and an audacity about you. While others shrink back,

    you will jump forward. You were built for such a time as this.

    Some of you 65+ will come out of retirement. Your latter years

    will be much more fruitful than the former ones. The old era did

    not welcome you. The new era has no choice."Fortune favors the

    brave," goes the saying. And this has never been more true than

    it is now.

    While others fear - you are bold. While others play it safe - you

    see this hour for what it is - and you seize the moment. Those

    who shrink back will miss out. Those who are alert - and move

    forward with boldness - will have the field almost to themselves.

    I say to the remnant, "Lift up your eyes." Everything has changed.

    Do not confine your gaze to your own nation. Many of you will be

    headed overseas. "But," you say, "The planes are grounded. Most

    nations are closed." Yes - for now that is true. But before long

    there will be travel again. And the people will be hungry for a word

    from the Lord. Especially the poor.

    Where once you were ignored - now you will be welcomed. Where

    once you were constrained - now you will be loosed. Where

    once you were disregarded - now you will be respected. "Who

    dares wins." Go forth like Joshua and take the land.

    Do not be distracted. Politics is a distraction. Current events are

    a distraction. Social media is a distraction. Keep your eye on the

    prize - the big picture. Today's harvest is whiter than it's ever

    been. Be alert. Watch for the doors to open and for the Lord's

    timing. Act with boldness. Seize the day.

    Most of the world will be in turmoil. Most of the people will be

    shrinking back. Very few will be travelling. Many churches and

    businesses will be in trouble. But you will be looking around with

    alert eyes - for where the Lord may send you.

    Do not fear. Go forth with boldness. The former things are passed

    away. Remnant - this is the hour you were built for. Don't let it

    pass you by.

    Special blessings to all,

    Andrew Strom.