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    Dr. Robert Malone, who invented mRNA vaccine technology, in Washington on Aug. 30, 2021. (The Epoch Times)EXPERT VIEW

    Natural Immunity Longer Lasting Than Protection From COVID-19 Vaccines: Dr. Robert Malone


    September 6, 2021 Updated: September 7, 2021

    The immunity conferred by recovering from COVID-19 is better than the protection afforded by COVID-19 vaccines, a prominent vaccine inventor says, citing in part a recent study from Israel.

    Israeli researchers found that people in the country vaccinated with Pfizer’s COVID-19 shot were 13 times more likely to contract the Delta variant of the CCP virus and 27 times more at risk of symptomatic disease, compared to those who had recovered from COVID-19.

    “It’s now been shown in that paper and others that the breadth of that immune response in terms of T and B cell memory populations is more diverse and more long-lasting than the breadth of immune response elicited by the spike-based vaccines alone,” Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the class of vaccines based on messenger RNA, said on Epoch TV’s “American Thought Leaders” program.

    American Thought Leaders with @JanJekielek

    "Even if we had 100% vaccine uptake with these vaccines…we would not be able to stop the spread of the virus through the US population. We would slow it." mRNA vaccine pioneer @RWMaloneMD breaks down the latest data on #COVID19 #Vaccines. WATCH:

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    11:06 AM Sep 3, 2021

    While antibodies reduce over time, T cells, a type of white blood cells that protect against infection, and B cells can last for a lifetime.

    Federal health authorities acknowledge natural immunity exists but have continued to claim that the protection from vaccines is better, pointing to a different set of studies, including one from Kentucky published by state and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) researchers.

    Authorities continue to urge everybody, regardless of prior infection, to get a vaccine.

    Some other scientists, though, say the growing body of evidence on natural immunity must play a larger role in policy discussions on vaccination amid the pandemic.

    “Natural immunity is pretty darn good. We would be best to focus our efforts on people who are both unvaccinated AND have not recovered from prior infection,” Dr. Vinay Prasad, a professor at the University of California–San Francisco’s Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics, wrote on social media over the weekend.

    The Israeli study, Malone said, “seems to indicate that the breadth and durability of the immune response was superior with the natural infection in recovery.”

    “There’s also evidence that there’s a significant—depending on the timeframe—six- to 20-fold improvement in protection from infection and disease associated with the natural immunity acquired from prior infection compared to that conferred by the vaccine.”

    Malone says the newer data is a key piece in what he described as a social contract between members of the public and government health agencies.

    The public “is faced with a situation where they had been told that natural immunity was not as protective, that they can’t rely on that; that if you’ve been previously infected, you should still get both doses of vaccine; that this vaccination would provide broad durable protection, it would protect you and it would protect your elders from you potentially spreading disease to them,” he said.

    The CDC didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. The agency has told The Epoch Times in the past that it doesn’t comment on papers that aren’t authored by the agency and that officials “continually evaluate the science that leads to our guidance, and if it needs to be changed, we will base that on our own research and studies.”

    Zachary Stieber
    Zachary Stieber covers U.S. news, including politics and court cases. He started at The Epoch Times as a New York City metro reporter.

    Jan Jekielek
    Jan Jekielek is a Senior Editor with The Epoch Times and host of the show, "American Thought Leaders." Jan’s career has spanned academia, media, & international human rights work. In 2009 he joined The Epoch Times full time and has served in a variety of roles, including as Website Chief Editor. He is the producer of the award-winning Holocaust documentary film "Finding Manny


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      An article by reveals how some hospital officials and medial doctors are lying about Covid the number of Covid cases to instill fear in those who are not vaccinated.

      Any they wonder why we do not trust them.


      Leaked Zoom Video Reveals Hospital Officials Discussing COVID-19 Scare Tactics


      September 14, 2021 Updated: September 14, 2021

      A leaked Zoom conference reveals a doctor questioning how to increase the count of COVID-19 patient numbers on the hospital’s dashboard report.

      The media outlet National File said it obtained the recording from an “internal source” at the Novant Health System that includes New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington, North Carolina.

      National File posted the video on its Twitter feed on Sept. 10.

      National File and other local media outlets that reported on the leak identified the people in the video as Mary Kathryn Rudyk, a physician at the medical center, who is asking Carolyn Fisher, the hospital’s director of marketing, how to inflate the number of people classified as COVID-19 patients for the purpose of generating fear in the unvaccinated.

      “I think we have to be more blunt, we have to be more forceful—we have to say something coming out—if you don’t get vaccinated, you know you are going to die,” Rudyk said in the video. “Let’s just be really blunt to these people.”

      The video begins with Fisher explaining how her department is communicating “meaningful numbers”—the percentage of the unvaccinated, vaccinated, and percentage of deaths in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)—to the public.

      Rudyk then asked how post-COVID cases can be included in the number of people hospitalized for COVID-19.

      “My feeling at this point in time is that maybe we need to be completely a little bit more scary for the public,” Rudyk said. “There are many people still hospitalized that we’re considering post-COVID, but we are not counting in those numbers, so how do we include those post-COVID people in the numbers of patients we have in the hospital?”

      Fisher asked if she meant every patient who has been in the hospital “since the beginning of COVID?”

      Rudyk answered, “Well, that are still in, and that’s something I can take to someone else, but I think those are important numbers: the patients that are still in the hospital, that are off the COVID floor, but still are occupying the hospital for a variety of reasons.”

      Also on the Zoom conference call was Shelbourn Stevens, president of New Hanover Regional Medical Center, who said those patients are classified as “recovered.”

      “But I do think, from our standpoint, we would still consider them a COVID patient because they’re still healing,” Stevens said.

      Rudyk said she thinks those patients need to be “highlighted as well, because once they’re off isolation, they drop from the COVID numbers,” prompting Stevens to say that they can later talk offline about “how we can run that up to marketing.”

      Novant Health Response

      In response to questions asking for confirmation on if people in the video were employees of New Hanover Regional Medical Center and what the context of the video was, a spokesperson for Novant Health told The Epoch Times that staff involved in the excerpt of the video are seeing the “highest levels of COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths so far in this pandemic, despite having safe and effective vaccines widely available.”

      “This was a frank discussion among medical and communications professionals on how we can more accurately convey the severity and seriousness of what’s happening inside of our hospitals and throughout our communities,” the spokesperson said. “Specifically, the data we have been sharing does not include patients who remain hospitalized for COVID-19 complications even though they are no longer on COVID-19 isolation, so it does not provide a complete picture of the total impact of COVID-19 on our patients and on our hospitals.”

      The hospital continues to be concerned with misinformation, the spokesperson said, and that it strives “to be transparent and tell the whole story.”


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        The CDC'c own study revealed that 94.9% of people that ended up with serious Covid had other health conditions like hign BP, obesity, or anxiety and fear. Those that died often had more than 5 of these health conditions


        So this brings this question : Why hasn't Fauci been telling people every time he speaks, to do everything they can to improve their health that will vastly improve their chance of not dying of Covid. Why is he not listing things they can do to improve their health. Why is the only thing he keeps hammering on is the vaccine ? WHY? - I would say he seems more like a vaccine salesman that someone interested in our well being.
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          Several large studies have revealed that regular exercise makes your chance of getting Covid far less. Also regular aerobic exercise and resistant exercise makes the chance of serious Covid and death far less.

          So when they shut down gyms and even encouraged people to stay indoors they made the pandemic far worse.

          So this brings this question to all of us: Why did not Fauci encourage people to exercise. Especially now that this is known why is not Fauci telling people every time he speaks to get regular exercise. Isn't that his job to know and then advise us. - One would question if Fauci even wants us to get well. He speaks more like a vaccine salesman that a public health doctor.


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            Americas Frontline Doctors recommend HCQ instead of the vaccine to prevent and treat Covid.