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  • WHERE are THE MEN??

    WHERE are THE MEN??

    NOTE FROM LOU - I have been in many churches that seem to be run like a King's harem instead of a church family. The pastor has a group of women that seem to worship him and they are allowed to speak, but no man is allowed to add to ,or challenge, the pastor.

    Rodney Francis writes:

    "In my travels around the world I continually notice in Christian

    meetings the shortage of MEN! While putting this article together,

    I spoke in a church I had not been to before, and could not help

    but notice the shortage of men in the meeting. So I counted up the

    adults - and the women outnumbered the men seven to one!

    "Men always seem to be in the minority. I remember a number of

    years ago reading the statistics of people on the mission fields of

    the world. It was a staggering sixteen women to every one man!

    This does not seem to be right, nor is it God's will that more and

    more responsibility for the proclaiming of the Gospel should be

    upon the women (this in no way reflects upon the women - many

    are doing a marvellous work). But we do have to ask,

    "WHERE are the MEN?""

    Rosalie Foote writes:

    "We were talking about this amongst ourselves and came up with

    the fact that men like to do things. Sitting in the pew was never

    what God wanted. David's mighty men were doing people - they

    were already doing things before they came to support David.

    Men love to work together and see a result, practically or

    spiritually. That's why there are so many men's service clubs

    now - they are the pseudo church. God's people are all supposed

    to be doing stuff. Everyone has gifts and should be using these

    gifts for the furtherence of God's Kingdom."

    Tom Whitestone writes:


    "Some people believe there has been a kind of "feminizing" of the

    church, so that many men don't feel comfortable getting involved.

    Too much wishy-washy music, tugging at the heart-strings, and

    softly-softly preaching. Is there a revolution coming where this is

    going to change?"


    "The "feminizing" is not specifically of the church but the spirit

    within the church. From my experience speaking with other men

    I have found them to be oppressed by the very spirit of "Love"

    within the "church" that has disguised itsef as the Spirit of Love.

    The church has become a habitation of unclean spirits and this

    has darkened the Gospel that was given by Holy men of God.

    The spirit that has infiltrated the "church" has caused many men

    who are "real men" to be repulsed by its presence."

    KDT writes:

    "My pastor's wife suddenly kept getting the word from the Lord

    "Get rid of the pink in the church!" "Get rid of the Pink!" We

    looked around the beautiful sanctuary, decorated so elegantly,

    yet predominantly feminine mauves and muted pinks." It was a

    word for our church and we knew it was because we had many

    more women than men, something we'd been praying about."