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Jesus died on a Friday almost 2000 years ago

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  • Jesus died on a Friday almost 2000 years ago

    It was on a Friday almost 2000 years ago that our dear Lord suffered greatly in the garden and then was arrested and spoke to shamefully by ignorant and arrogant men. The men that arrested Him have no excuse to not turn to Him. For Jesus healed a man's ear that Peter cut off with a sword and they all fell back and fell on the ground when Jesus addressed them. It was while these events took place that Judas went up to Jesus and betrayed Him with a kiss.

    Jesus was then spoke to like a criminal by ignorant mere men that were truly the worst criminals that have ever existed. For they worked very hard to see that The Son of God was put to a criminals death. These men thought they knew much about God, but did not even recognize God when He stood in their presence.

    He was beat beyond what any other man has endured. He was then further spoke to shamefully by more ignorant and arrogant men. God had to use a Roman heathen to pronounce Jesus was without sin; and this was in the city that The Lord had founded and dwelt in.

    All of His followers ran and left Him. Jesus was nailed to a cross and left to die. A spear was thrust into His side and into His very heart. Blood and water came out. That blood and water are two of the witnesses that Jesus died on that cross.

    The sun was darkened by an eclipse when Jesus gave up His Spirit. The veil in the Temple was rent down the center to reveal that Jesus was now the Priest that could admit anyone who confessed their sins to Him into the Holy of Holies to be with God.

    Lord Jesus please help us all to remember your death and suffering on that day.
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