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    "It is not great talents God blesses so much as great likeness to Jesus."

    - Robert Murray McCheyne

    "The moment you come to realize that only God can make a man

    godly, you are left with no option but to find God, and to know God,

    and to let God be God in and through you."

    - Major Ian Thomas

    "Be dogmatically true, obstinately holy, immovably honest,

    desperately kind, fixed upright."

    - Charles Spurgeon

    "What is the reason that some believers are so much brighter

    and holier than others? I believe the difference, in nineteen cases

    out of twenty, arises from different habits about private prayer.

    I believe that those who are not eminently holy pray little, and

    those who are eminently holy pray much."

    - J. C. Ryle

    "O Lord, keep our hearts, keep our eyes, keep our feet, and keep

    our tongues." - William Tiptaft

    "In God's world, for those who are in earnest, there is no failure.

    No work truly done, no word earnestly spoken, no sacrifice freely

    made, was ever made in vain."

    - Frederick W. Robertson

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    Those you quote above are 19th century men except Major Ian Thomas who died in the 21st century.
    Back in the late sixties through the early eighties I was privileged to hear Major Thomas almost yearly for a week long series of sermons.
    In the first few years it was for two weeks each year.
    I continue to remember his earliest sermons were from his book The Saving Life of Christ.
    The quote above is from the introduction of this book.
    Major Thomas did not have a formal religious education, yet he established Torchbearers International Bible training schools in 20 countries. In the earliest days (1947) of the first school it was at Capernwray near Lancashire, England and went by the name Capernwray. This is where Billy Graham and others first found spiritual ignition for their ministry. My brother and his wife have attended the meetings at Capernwray and have been friends with him from the seventies. Others who I have been taught by that have experienced Capernwray or taught there are Ronnie Dunn, Jack Taylor, Stuart Briscoe, Hal Brooks, Bertha Smith , and Corrie ten-Boon. I hear it is a place with a spiritual atmosphere.

    Correction: I remembered wrongly about Billy Graham. It just now came to me that it was Keswick rather than Capernwray. So, I looked it up. It was Stephen Olford who introduced him to the Keswick message at a Keswick Convention in 1946. Graham wrote in his autobiography, Just As I Am, that this teaching came to him as a second blessing. My brother and his wife have also attended the meetings at the Keswick Convention.

    Here is the list of just the main leaders at Keswick since 1978.
    I found the list interesting.

    From 1978 the annual ministry book published each December has taken the title of the convention theme for that year (although only since 1991 has the convention itself been given a specific theme in the pre-publicity). In addition to the main speakers listed below, each week has up to 16 other speakers covering seminars, evening celebrations and afternoon events. A full list of all speakers for the years 1875 to 1996 is given in Maurice Rowlandson's book.[11]
    Year Theme Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
    1978 The Gospel, The Spirit, The Church John Stott Dick Lucas
    1979 The Lord is King Alec Motyer Eric Alexander
    1980 The People and the King Donald English Bp John B.Taylor
    1981 Purity and Power Dick Lucas Alan Flavelle
    1982 Walking with the King Alec Motyer Philip Hacking
    1983 Living the Light Richard France David Jackman
    1984 God's Very Own People Donald English Stuart Briscoe
    1985 Giving God the Glory Eric Alexander Michael Baughen
    1986 Rebuilding The Foundations Dick Lucas Keith Weston
    1987 New Beginnings, Old Paths Raymond Brown David Jackman
    1988 Real People - Real Faith Donald English Stuart Briscoe
    1989 Servants of the King Philip Hacking Chuck Smith
    1990 Looking To Jesus Michael Baughen Charles Price
    1991 The Kingdom, Power and the Glory R. T. Kendall Roy Clements
    1992 The Cross and the Crown Derick Bingham Raymond Brown
    1993 Dangerous Faith Donald English Alistair Begg
    1994 The Whole Family of God Philip Hacking Jim Graham
    1995 The Light of His Coming Alec Motyer Roy Clements
    1996 Clean Hands Michael Wilcock Stuart Briscoe
    1997 A Voice in the Wilderness Michael Baughen Charles Price
    1998 Truth on Fire Chris Wright Alistair Begg
    1999 Deep Impact Don Carson Nigel Lee
    2000 One Lord, One Church, One Task John Stott Jonathan Lamb
    2001 A Different Drumbeat Michael Baughen Steve Gaukroger Stuart Briscoe
    2002 Learning Together as God's Royal Family Bruce Milne Liam Goligher Steve Brady
    2003 From Base Camp To Summit Joseph Stowell Charles Price Vaughan Roberts
    2004 Out of Control? Alistair Begg Jonathan Lamb Derek Tidball
    2005 The Glory of the Gospel Sinclair Ferguson Steve Gaukroger Dominic Smart
    2006 The Church in the Power of the Spirit Chris Wright Ajith Fernando Vaughan Roberts
    2007 Unshackled ? Living in Outrageous Grace Alec Motyer Steve Brady Ian Coffey
    2008 Creation, Chaos & Christ David Cook Liam Goligher Charles Price
    2009 Faith that Works Dale Ralph Davies Jonathan Lamb Vaughan Roberts
    2010 Christ-centred Renewal Don Carson Paul Mallard Alistair Begg
    2011 Word to the World Ajith Fernando Chris Wright Peter Maiden
    2012 Going the Distance Simon Manchester Steve Brady Jeremy McQuoid
    2013 The Transforming Trinity Charles Price John Lennox Steve Gaukroger
    2014 Really? Searching for reality in a confusing world Vaughan Roberts Jonathan Lamb Chris Sinkinson
    2015 The Whole of Life for Christ John Risbridger Paul Mallard Liam Goligher
    2016 Power to change Simon Manchester Steve Brady David Jackman
    2017 Captivated hearing God's Word Don Carson Alistair Begg Ivor Poobalan
    2018* Sent: Serving God's Mission Christopher Ash Chris Wright David Cook
    (* as planned)

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