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  • FINANCIAL CRASH Led to REVIVAL - America 1857

    FINANCIAL CRASH Led to REVIVAL - America 1857

    by Chris ("PrayInTongues")

    2 Chron 7:14: "If my people who are called by My Name (1) humble

    and (2) pray, and (3) seek My face, and (4) turn from

    their wicked ways,
    then will I hear from Heaven, forgive their sin,

    and heal their land."

    When we study the USA Revival of 1857 we discover the same

    four conditions were fulfilled and as a result, God "healed the land."

    This marvellous Revival began with just one man and his failure

    of a prayer-meeting! But it ended with two million people converted

    on both sides of the Atlantic--"The Second Evangelical Awakening"

    (Dr. Edwin Orr).

    Jeremiah Lanphier was a recently-appointed 49 year-old home

    missioner of the North Dutch Church, New York. He advertised a

    noon-to-one prayer meeting to give "businessmen an opportunity

    to stop and call upon God."

    At noon on 23 September he opened the door and waited. Twenty,

    30 minutes passed. No one came. At last one person appeared.

    Then another. Finally six New Yorkers were present to pray.

    Next Wednesday a mere 22 people came. Lanphier's predecessor

    had held a similar weekly prayer meeting and been forced to close

    through lack of interest. Jeremiah must have wondered if his prayer

    meeting was heading the same way.

    But the following Wednesday coincided with the greatest financial

    crash in the nation's history. Banks closed. Businesses shut their

    doors. Suddenly men were out of work. Starvation loomed. Those

    who had been too busy or proud to pray were now desperate in

    their need for God.
    Soon the prayer meeting was filled to overflowing

    and within six months 10,000 businessmen were publicly praying

    daily in the churches of New York.

    Reporters sent to cover the meetings noted that it was entirely a

    layman's movement with no preaching, and just five minutes per

    person per prayer! A five minute exhortation was permitted,

    sometimes creating dramatic scenes. One on the need for

    repentance made a would-be murderer and suicide cry out,

    "What must I do to be saved?"

    Taking New York's example, right across America theatres,

    churches, halls were opened for prayer and thousands came. One

    man reported travelling from Omaha to Boston and finding "a

    continuous prayer meeting all the way--a prayer meeting about

    2,000 miles in extent."

    Conversions began to take place, often in the meetings themselves.

    A scene from a united interdenominational prayer meeting in

    Michigan: "'A praying wife requests prayers for her unconverted

    husband.' Immediately a large man arose and said, 'I am that

    man! I have a praying wife. Please pray for me.' Then another

    arose in sobs, saying, 'That man is me. I have a praying wife.'

    Another five convicted husbands then rose requesting prayer for

    their conversion and the power of God came upon the meeting."

    Soon the number of reported conversions reached 7,000 a day

    and over two years the churches of America averaged 10,000

    new members each week.

    Britain followed America's example. Prayer meetings multiplied.

    Within a year another million had been converted to Christ.

    This great revival had no revivalist, no leader, no preaching. It was

    proof that prayer and prayer alone can bring the presence of God

    not just into meetings but over whole nations.

    An intensity of prayer is the one indispensable in a genuine

    outpouring of the Spirit of God.