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  • Some really good quotes

    "I would rather teach one man to pray than ten men to preach."

    - J. H. Jowett

    "Continuing instant in prayer (Rom. 12:12). The Greek is a

    metaphor taken from hunting dogs that never give over the game

    till they have their prey." -
    Thomas Brooks

    "There is no power like that of prevailing prayer, of Abraham

    pleading for Sodom, Jacob wrestling in the stillness of the night,

    Moses standing in the breach, Hannah intoxicated with sorrow,

    David heartbroken with remorse and grief, Jesus in sweat of blood.

    Add to this list from the records of the church your personal

    observation and experience, and always there is the cost of

    passion unto blood. Such prayer prevails. It turns ordinary mortals

    into men of power. It brings power. It brings fire. It brings rain. It

    brings life. It brings God."
    - Samuel Chadwick

    "I ought to pray before seeing any one. Often when I sleep long, or

    meet with others early, it is eleven or twelve o'clock before I begin

    secret prayer." - Robert Murray M'Cheyne

    "The men who have done the most for God in this world have been

    early on their knees." - E. M. Bounds

    "A man can not lead others where he is not willing to go himself.

    Therefore, beware of the prayerless church leader who no longer

    readily admits his own need for more of the person and power of

    Jesus Christ. Only a seeking, praying heart can truly encourage

    spiritual HUNGER in others!"
    - David Smithers