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    "The Greek word translated bold is which means to be courageous,
    daring, dauntless.It speaks of acting without fear of the consequences."

    -John MacArthur

    "One of the special marks of the Holy Ghost in the Apostolic Church
    was the spirit of boldness."

    -A.B. Simpson

    "A minister, without boldness, is like a smooth file, a knife without
    an edge, a sentinel that is afraid to let off his gun. If men will be
    bold in sin, ministers must be bold to reprove."

    - William Gurnall

    "David was the last one we would have chosen to fight the giant,
    but he was chosen of God."

    - Dwight L. Moody

    "Boldness enables Christians to forsake all rather than Christ,
    and to prefer to offend all rather than to offend Him."

    -Jonathan Edwards

    "Yet, surely, there must be some who will fling aside the (cowardly)
    love of peace, and speak out for our Lord, and for His truth. A
    craven spirit is upon man, and their tongues are paralyzed. Oh,
    for an outburst of true faith and holy zeal."

    -C. H. Spurgeon

    "Uncertainty as to our relationship with God is one of the most
    enfeebling and dispiriting of things. It makes a man heartless. It
    takes the pith out of him. He cannot fight; he cannot run. He is
    easily dismayed and gives way. He can do nothing for God. But
    when we know that we are of God, we are vigorous, brave, invincible.
    There is no more quickening truth than this of assurance."

    - Horatius Bonar

    "The hallmark of the preaching which the Spirit effects is "boldness"...
    As in the Old Testament, when the Spirit fills the servant of God
    He "clothes himself" with that person, and aspects of the Spiritīs
    authority are illustrated in the courageous declaration of the
    Word of God."

    -Sinclair Ferguson