It was just a simple invitation to pray that led a small group of

people in 1898 to meet on Saturday evenings from 9 to 10 for

prayer. They met at the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago to cry

out for an awakening. Within a short time, the group grew to 300

passionate intercessors. A few members remained to agonize

and intercede into the early hours one Sunday morning.

R. A. Torrey joined this small group to pray for a worldwide

revival. During that intense intercession, Torrey asked God to

send him around the world. Within a week of the close of the

prayer meeting, two strangers approached Torrey and asked

him to come to Melbourne, Australia to preach. These two men

had left Australia months before in search of a man that they

believed God would use to bring revival to their nation. Upon

meeting Torrey, they felt they had found God's man.

The result of that Chicago prayer meeting was an invitation for

Torrey to come to Australia. Torrey arrived in Australia in 1902.

15,000 tried to pack themselves into the meeting hall. It is

estimated that Torrey and his partner Alexander led over 100,000

souls into the Kingdom of God.

All this had its beginning in Chicago with a small group of people

praying, "Revive thy work, Oh Lord!" May God raise up such prayer

warriors in our day who will daily cry out, " REVIVE THEY WORK,