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Guilt: Accused or Granted Repentance

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  • Guilt: Accused or Granted Repentance

    Satan is the accuser. Being accused will make one feel unworthy and dirty. So unworthy that the Lord cannot hear you, forgive you or bless you. You may be accused of something specific or just because you are an immoral, nasty person. What gives the accusations power to afflict guilt and unworthiness is that the accusations are factual. You feel and are guilty.

    Repentance is from the Lord. When the Holy Spirit of God accuses it is not guilt which is the end results. The Holy Spirit of God accuses concerning specific things of which one needs to repent. Such specific things might represent a pattern or life style, but the guilt one feels is about a very specific thing about which a particular action is demanded. The action may range from restitution, apology, to the acceptance of whom and what you are. Feeling guilty is not repentance. Repentance requires action but such action might be spiritual and personal.

    When the Holy Spirit brings conviction the resulting repentance is a two fold process. First is the guilt, second is the action. Divine forgiveness always follows. This always results in acceptance by the Lord. Why? It is what the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus accomplished. Repentance ends in a closer relationship with the Lord, unworthy as you are, you are embraced with divine love. Tears usually follow.

    The barrier of ones sinfulness to entering divine holiness is removed by the Lord Jesus. He has made the way; He is the only way; He has made it possible for you to be in the Presence of God the Father by what he did on the cross.

    This is how one knows they have repented. The guilt is gone but not the sorrow for the attack upon God which broke down the possibility of being with God the Father. If the Lord grants you repentance you are in a loving communion with Him.

    Being guilty is not repentance.
    Being worthless is not repentance.
    God allows repentance as a divine sovereign act of His will.
    One ought to receive such a blessing when offered for such blessing from God will not always or continuously be available.
    Someday, your cup of the wrath of God may be full.