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Know about your enemy Satan and know Jesus your friend

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  • Know about your enemy Satan and know Jesus your friend

    Which ones are the most interesting facts about Satan and why is that?

    Lou Newton, former Steel Mill Crane Designer and Physics Teacher

    1 - Satan is a being created by God. God is infinitely more powerful than Satan. God created everything that exists and Satan can not create anything. At the proper time Jesus will destroy Satan with one little word.

    2 - Satan was created as the most beautiful created being, the smartest created being, and the most talented created being. Satan chose to be proud about his position above all others and has chose to have no humility. BUT those who exalt themselves will be humbled by God and those who humble themselves will be exalted by God.

    3 - Satan guarded the very throne of God and was the closest to God. He knew God and chose to hate Him instead of love Him. He hates who God is. God does not use His power to force people to obey but instead is meek and became their Servant to prove to them that He loved them by dying on the cross for them. Satan instead wants to force and manipulate others to worship him.

    4 - Satan can not be redeemed. Satan knew God’s nature and hated His very nature. If you serve someone the very best tree ripened banana and they hate it, you can not make them like bananas. But if someone is given a banana that was picked green days ago and made to look ripe by gassing it and they do not like it, they do not like bad bananas. But if you give them the very best tree ripened banana they might like it. Satan can not be redeemed because he has known who God is and hates God. God will not put Satan in heaven with the very God he hates. God will put Satan where he has chosen to be. That is in a place where there is no presence of God. Men claim to hate God because they have been told lies about Him, or they have formed their own god in their minds that is not like God. These men can be redeemed by coming to know the true God and loving Him because He loves us.

    5 - Satan is the father of all lies. Satan was the very first to lie and is the father of all lies. If you believe, or follow, anything that is not true, you are believing Satan and following him. If you seek truth, you are seeking Jesus for He is The Truth.

    6 - Satan is the first source of hate. Satan has no love and only has hate. He hates even those who follow him. He lies about God and tries to convince people to hate God as he does. Those who believe and follow him and do not repent of this; will be put in the same place, with Satan, for all eternity. Satan will be the most powerful being there and he deceives and hates everyone. There will be no love only hate, no truth only deception, no joy only regret, no peace only war, no hope only depression.

    7 - Satan is the very source of eternal death. When you chose to believe or follow him you are choosing death instead of life. Satan chose death over life by rebelling from God and so wants everyone to also have eternal death. Satan deceived Eve in choosing death instead of life.

    8 - Satan committed the original sin when he said,” I will be like God”. Satan tempted Eve to commit the same sin by telling her if she ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil she would be like God. When we think we can decide what is good and what is evil we are claiming we are like God. We have many running for the office of POTUS that are claiming that the Bible is wrong and they can decide what is good and what is evil. They are claiming to be like God.

    9 - Satan is real but he hides himself and tries to deceive everyone into believing that he does not exist. He does this to try to deceive everyone that God does not exist. Men that are separated from each other form different cultures. But Satan has caused common threads to run all throughout the world. For instance: men curse when they get angry. They curse Jesus Christ in Christian nations who know of Him. So one might think they would curse Buddha in nations that believe in him. But those nations curse the Name of Jesus Christ instead. The same is true of those who follow Islam. You would think if a man got so angry he wanted to curse himself to hell, he would curse the name of Allah. But they also curse the name of Jesus Christ instead. WHY ?? Because Satan is real and he inspires people to curse the only Name by which they can be saved. Satan wants to deceive them into thinking they can not be saved after cursing His Name. BUT that is lie like everything Satan says. If they confess their sin to Jesus He will forgive them and save them from eternal death.

    Any sin can be forgiven as long as the person can confess that sin as sin, and ask Jesus to forgive them.

    1 John 1

    “8 If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. 9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. 10 If we claim we have not sinned, we make him out to be a liar and his word is not in us. “

    A sinner saved by grace and grace alone
    His Bond Servant
    Lou Newton

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    God is omnipresent or able to be everywhere at once.

    Satan is not. He is limited to one place and that is why he uses his fallen angels that follow him.

    God has infinite power.

    Satan's power is very limited. That is why he uses deception to try to get you to decide to follow him. He can not force you to do anything.

    God has all knowledge and all wisdom and knows the past, present and future.

    Satan's knowledge is very limited. He does not know the future, and does not even understand the ways of God. He can quote all the scriptures, but does not understand them. He has no wisdom only knowledge.