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Brief history of the origins of the evangelical movement

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  • Brief history of the origins of the evangelical movement

    Everything recorded in scripture is inspired by the LORD. Therefore, it is important. Those who hold this view used to be called fundamentalist. Most notorious of these were the Baptist fundamentalist of whom the most well known of recent decades was Jerry Farwell. Over time, those of the conservative churches who held similar views to fundamentalist separated from conservatives represented by the academics who were represented by the denominational colleges and seminars. This new pairing of fundamentalist and conservatives became the evangelicals and included the newer Pentecostal denomination. The continuing disputes in the old line Protestant denominations are over which of these represent the denomination. For Baptist and Presbyterians the evangelicals have won. Methodist move back and forth, the Lutherans have split and the Episcopalians seem to be splitting. The old line denominational academic conservative have moved more and more to Christian liberalism