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  • Salvation Past Present Future

    Salvation has been provided through the atonement made possible through the substitutionary sacrifice of the Lord Jesus. However, it is through the Holy Ghost believers apply and experience the progressive working of salvation.

    Justification PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE
    The believer is justified or pardon of past and future sins.
    Justification prepares the believer for the presence of the Holy Ghost in that Holy YHWH and the guilty sinner could not have been in communion until the sinner is justified.

    Sanctification PRESENT
    In the present the Holy Ghost is progressively changing the nature of the believer through their communion.

    Glorification FUTURE
    In the future the believer is glorified in the presence of the Lord Jesus for when we see him we shall be like Him.

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    It is by The Holy Spirit that we are born again. Dead men can not see, or hear, or walk. The Holy Spirit brings life and we are born again, this time of the spirit. No one will enter heaven without His Holy Spirit dwelling in them.