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Recognition of the Church, the Canon, or the Holy Spirit

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  • Recognition of the Church, the Canon, or the Holy Spirit

    Church controls the Canon

    The Roman Church claims the historical Church through the Church Councils ruled the canonical process. Therefore, it is hierarchal Church of Rome that determines what became the Bible and its meaning. Of course, in the case of the Roman Church it is the Pope who has the authority to make such determination.

    Canon controls the Church

    On the other side, it is claimed the New Testament texts stem from the authority the Lord Jesus as assigned to the apostles in whom the canonical process was determined. This means the Bible text are those written by apostles or under their supervision. Therefore, it is Bible that rules the nature of the Church.

    Alternative to the Church or Canon

    The Church and Bible stem from the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit determines the nature of the Church and determined the canon and the meaning of the Bible. In other words, any and all who claim the Holy Spirit might or have received superior additional revelation. The difference with this alternative to that of the Roman Church is in the Roman Church there can only be one, the Pope, who makes the determination while under the Holy Spirit there could be many.