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The future is not our business but God's

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  • The future is not our business but God's


    Posted On: 08/26/09 10:40:06 PM Age 65, OH

    David, many men knew The Holy Spirit of The Lord Jesus and studied the Holy Scriptures their whole life, but

    few in Israel knew of when He would come to this Earth and not one told the people how Jesus would come; even though

    it was told plainly in the scriptures. The death of the Lord Jesus is also told about plainly in the OT, but not one man was

    able to see that Jesus would die on the cross. Not even Peter and John who had walked and talked with Him and He plainly

    told them how He would die.
    Are you greater than Peter and John, and can you tell the future from the scriptures

    better than they did. The future is NOT ours to know and it is witchcraft to even seek to know the future. Saul sought to

    know what would happen the very next day and sought out a witch to tell him
    . But he was very disappointed when

    Samuel appeared and told him he would die with his sons. Prophecy is NOT for telling the future, but it is to show that

    God knew the future AFTER it happens. Even more important prophecy is the testimony of The Lord Jesus Christ.

    have been listening to men say that they knew what was going to happen in the future by reading the Scriptures, and they

    have written many books; but those books make these same men look very foolish after a very few years. Read the

    Late Great Planet Earth today and it does not look as the author knew much about the future. - Lou Newton

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    Posted On: 08/28/09 07:22:01 AM Age 62, MO

    Some of these theologians have some wild eschatological ideas, don't they? George Cancilla
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      I Know Who Holds Tomorrow

      Posted On: 08/28/09 08:02:34 AM Age 62, MO

      When I get bogged down and confused by the many predictions for the future, I turn to a song called "I Know Who Holds Tomorrow" by Ira Stamphill. Here is the chorus: "Many things about tomorrow I don't seem to understand. But I know Who holds tomorrow, and I know Who holds my hand." George Cancilla
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        HI ISRAEL

        Posted On: 08/28/09 11:53:44 AM Age 65, OH

        Dear friend Israel Jesus, If you send me a copy of your book "The War of Armageddon", I will read it and pray about what you have written. My email is <[email protected]>. There are so many men that have written books about ends times and who could tell which ones are true and should be read. There are so many books that claim that Jesus will come and rapture the Saints before The Tribulation and they all disagree with The Holy Scriptures. Tim LaHaye has made many millions of dollars in preaching these stories in his books. Did any of the prophets of old get rich preaching the truth or were they persecuted. Jesus tells us in Luke 6 how to tell the false prophets from the true prophets. The false prophets are rich, comfortable, well fed, laughing, and men speak well of them. The true prophets are poor, hungry, weeping; and men hate, exclude them , insult them, and reject them as evil. - Does God reveal Himself to men today; of course for that is the rock that the true church is built on. The Lord Jesus speaks to me everyday and I receive revelations from Him daily. But it took years to tell the ones from The Lord Jesus and the ones from Satan. Grace to you - Lou Newton
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          Posted On: 08/31/09 12:24:23 PM Age 65, OH

          Dear friend, I did not say or imply that it was witchcraft for God to tell us of the future; I said it was witchcraft for us to seek the future. We are to seek The Lord Jesus Christ and by His grace be His friend, yes it is written in the Holy Scriptures that He tells His friends His secrets. - Lou Newton
          NOTE from today: but one should not assume that these secrets are about the future. Jesus tells His friends His secrets about HIMSELF. Should we seek what takes place in the future ( or focus on time ) , or should we seek the Person of Jesus.

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