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Are we now in the tribulation ?

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  • Are we now in the tribulation ?

    ARMY OF 200,000,000

    Posted On: 03/09/09 10:37:45 AM Age 65, OH

    Many seem to think that China is the only nation that can field an army of 200 million. But who has been the enemy of God's people from the very start. Was in not Ishmael that persecuted the child of promise, Issac. What religion has hated the Jews, Buddhism or Islam. How could China get an army over the mountains that separate it from Israel. The Muslim's use everyone in their army. They use women and children, do they not. So all the people of the Muslim nations around Israel are in the army. Those Muslim nations that surround Israel, and have always hated Israel, and have sworn with an oath to destroy Israel, have a population of well over 200,000,000. They are an army of 200 million and are against Israel as we speak. Lou Newton
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    Posted On: 03/09/09 10:56:35 AM Age 65, OH

    Isaac Newton was a man who was much smarter than me or you. Isaac Newton wrote more on the Bible than

    either of us. Science was Newton's hobby and studying and writing about the Bible was his life's work. Isaac tired of the

    men who kept predicting the end, and thought they were diminishing the truth of the Bible and not glorifying God. To try

    to bring an end to these predictions, Newton tackled the problem about the end of the age and came to this conclusion.

    Newton said it was the Roman Empire that would rule in the end times. Isaac also concluded that Charlemagne was

    crowned King of the revived Holy Roman Empire in the year 800 AD. If you add the 1260 days as years to this, Newton

    concluded that the end would seem to be the year 2060 AD. If we add up all the people who have died from WAR,

    FAMINE, AND DISEASE would they not add to half the world population. One could make an argument that this tribulation

    has already happened and is almost at an end. It seems IF this is true, then the next few years that we have left will be

    the WOES that are left and it will not be an easy time. Lou Newton
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