Here is a thought provoking article about some events that many claim to be miracles:


by Bryan Hupperts

The world over, there are spiritual phenomena happening. The most

recent fad concerns jewels appearing out of the ether along with

gold dust falling like dandruff. Are these things really happening?

I believe the answer is Yes. Is this something God is doing? Well...

God made food appear for the children of Israel, didn't he? He

multiplied oil for a widow and don't forget Jesus multiplying

food for the masses. He is a miracle working God.

As a believer in the miraculous, I am put off by these recent

spiritual fads. We have numerous miracles of bleeding statues,

idols crying, strange impressions on walls, etc. As a Biblically

literate believer, I know these things to be demonic. But throw in

jewels and gold dust and discernment is tossed out the door.

I believe these recent "miracles" are really a gift from the alternate

god, Mammon. Why? They fit the character of Mammon but do

not fit the character of Jesus.

I've struggled with health problems for years and have seen

God do provisional miracles. In every instance it met a practical

need. Even when Jesus walked on water he was going somewhere.

He wasn't grandstanding for the masses. He certainly wasn't

doing tricks and sleight of hand. There was genuine need to be met.

Years ago, I got involved with the Toronto Blessing and quickly

saw the bad fruit and errors in the movement, repented, and walked

away. Our former pastor decided many of us were conspiring

against him and asked many to leave. Our associate pastor was

fired publicly. A spiritual insanity was released that continues to

cause damage to this very day. This was a blessing?

That church is now an empty shell of its former self. Many TB

pastors later called the stuff that went on a "mixed blessing" and

later began calling it what is was, a "mixed curse". We all wanted

it to be real and looked the other way at the bizarre, demonic stuff gong on.

Jesus warned in Matthew 24 that the first sign of the End Times was

deception of a nature so subtle that it could, if possible, deceive

the very elect. I remind all jewel hunting saints that the devil can

appear as an angel of light and work miracles, too.

There are miracle workers in Scripture that were openly occultic.

The Bible does not deny their miracles, but does strongly condemn

the source of their power. Moses dealt with false miracle workers.

So did the Apostles. And now, so are we. Even the witch at Endor

could resurrect the spirit of a dead prophet.


The jewels and gold dust are symptoms of a sick faith in desperate

need of God. In the coming days you will see "the dead"

appearing in worship services, bringing words of great wonder for

the faithful. The problem will be that necromancy is still sin. But

that's OK, it will be taught, because even as Jesus raised the

dead, and these will be raised by the new miracle workers "in

spirit" as a testimony to the faithful. It will be a great deception,

but it will fill prophetic conferences and sell a lot of books and videos.

The same idolatry and hucksterism that has plagued the Roman

church is now running rampant in the Protestant church. Why?

Babylon is as Babylon does... Just because something is spiritual

looking does not make it a God thing. In this case, quite the opposite.

(c) 2007 SheepTrax Media

Bryan Hupperts