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    by Andrew Strom

    As many of you know, twelve years ago when Todd Bentley's

    "Lakeland revival" was getting underway, this List was one of

    the few "Spirit-filled"-type outlets that was trying to warn about

    Todd Bentley's ministry. At the time we received a huge amount

    of flak and anger from Christians around the world. It got even

    worse when all the biggest "names" in Charismatic Christianity

    got on the stage and anointed Todd - prophesying over him that

    his ministry would greatly expand and prosper, etc.

    Then - just a matter of weeks afterward, it all came tumbling

    down. Todd was found to be in an adulterous relationship at the

    revival - and soon he divorced his wife and married his mistress.

    The Charismatic world was in shock. Where was the discernment

    amongst those who had endorsed this thing? The Lakeland 'revival'

    came to a swift end after that.

    But sadly there was very little public repentance for this fiasco

    from any of the ministries involved. Todd was quickly "restored"

    by Rick Joyner - and simply got back on the ministry trail once

    again - though at a much lower level than before. But none of

    the 'big names' were seemingly willing to address the obvious

    questions:- How had they got it so wrong? Was there any real

    discernment at all? And what did it say about the whole

    Charismatic movement that its top leaders could endorse such

    a clearly-suspect movement in the first place?

    For most, such questions were never confronted. In fact, the whole

    thing seemed to be simply swept under the carpet as quickly as

    possible. And speaking personally, my ministry was essentially

    blackballed and turned into a "pariah" for ever having questioned

    such things in the first place. And it has been that way ever since.

    Of course, for Todd Bentley himself, the stage was slowly being

    set for his eventual "comeback". In August 2018, Todd returned

    to the big-time with a weekend at Bradner stadium in New York

    entitled "Revival Harvest America." But dark clouds were already

    gathering on the horizon. And just recently, these ugly facts have

    once again exploded across the media. But this time, there has

    been a sound and appropriate response from Spirit-filled leaders.

    As reporter Julie Roys wrote last month: "Top Charismatic Leaders

    Disqualify Todd Bentley From Ministry for "Steady Pattern of

    Ungodly and Immoral Behavior."

    "About 16 months after explosive accusations of harboring a

    "perverse sexual addiction" and preying on interns, Fresh Fire

    USA leader, Todd Bentley, has been disqualified from public

    ministry by a panel of six charismatic, Christian leaders. The

    panel, led by apologist Dr. Michael Brown, said in a statement

    published today on Facebook:

    "Based on our careful review of numerous first-hand reports, some

    of them dating back to 2004, we state our theological opinion and

    can say with one voice that, without a doubt, Todd is not qualified

    to serve in leadership or ministry today. There are credible

    accusations of a steady pattern of ungodly and immoral behavior,

    confirmed by an independent investigatorīs interviews dating from

    2008 up through 2019, along with other testimonies dating back

    to 2004. And while we only took into account first-hand reports,

    there are many other second and third-hand reports repeating the

    same accusations . . .

    "Sadly, we see no signs of true, lasting repentance. Instead, we

    see a steady pattern of compromised behavior, including credible

    accusations of adultery, sexting (including the exchanging of

    nude pictures or videos), vulgar language, and substance abuse.""

    Kudos to Michael Brown and the other leaders for having the

    courage to take such forthright action. No doubt they are getting

    huge flak from some corners for doing so. But it simply had to

    be done. They are certainly to be commended. And we know that

    their statement has been very widely seen. So hopefully those of

    us in the Body of Christ can now put this whole sorry episode

    behind us.

    VIDEO of my personal history with all this-

    How the whole thing happened - by Andrew Strom - author of "Kundalini Warning".

    God bless you all.

    Andrew Strom.

    NOTE from Lou Newton

    I watched videos of Todd on stage doing so called ministry. I thought it was not of the Lord the very first time I saw him.