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China - The CCP is as evil as Hitler or Stalin

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  • China - The CCP is as evil as Hitler or Stalin

    The CCP has gained so much power by using US private business financing and tech that they are the biggest threat to our freedom in the world. Watch this video and you will be amazed at their evil but brilliant plan to take over the world.

    The CCP takes people that criticize them and take all their organs and sell them. Then they burn what is left of their bodies. They are as evil a Hitler was and they want to take over the world.

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    Glen B Smith
    To:lou newton

    Wed, Mar 25 at 4:24 AM

    Business has one aim. The aim is to make as much money as possible and secure the advantage over competition.

    A government for the people ought to regulate business to prevent the practices of any company from taking advantage of the public or harming the public. This is what the term government regulation means. The perspective of whether government regulation has a positive or negative impact depends on whose perspective.

    China, for the most part, does not practice this kind of government regulation or very little if any. In China the activities of any business can be focused to serve the goals of the CCP. The CCP ought to be considered the largest business in the world – a business without government regulation except for pressure from other nations. The CCP does not operate with any moral or ethical rules. The CCP is focused on its own survival and advantage.

    Now, let me see what the video has to offer.

    Typical of the military mentality he believes the US will overcome the issues he presents, despite the Mitch McConnelles and Joe Bidens who are the norm in politics. The biggest deception of all is to think your vote matters when the winners act for their self-interest. Watch this upcoming proposed bailout. Just as with the 2008 finical crisis, the bailouts went to the very corporations who caused it, watch who gets billions in bailout money this time. Give it to the rich and watch the money trickle down to bless all of us stupid commoners. Trickle, just enough to wet our tongues.

    Depressing video because we are powerless.
    Thanks for the reply Glen. I agree with much that you say, but I will add these things:

    1 - Not everyone is in business just to make money with no other goal. I sold cars in Florida. I took the job to make money to feed my family, and to have something to do. But once on the job I found that I was moved to have compassion on the poor people who came to our lot.

    I remember one black man who drove onto our lot in a car with all four doors missing. It is by far the very worse car I have ever seen another human being drive. No human being should have to drive a car like that. I can not imagine how humiliating that was for him to drive it onto our lot. It had been used as a chicken coop and was full of chicken droppings and feathers. I was amazed that it ran. The rest of the salesmen all suddenly remembered a phone call they needed to make and I waited on him. He really needed a car. I prayed for him as I went through the steps of getting him a car. He made very little money and had no credit. We are trained to tell a person like this that we can not help them. But we picked out a good car that was low priced and I took him to finance. I did not mention the car he was trading in. It was his only down payment and if the finance manager had seen it, that would not help the poor mans case. I had looked up how much we had in the car we picked out and took as much off as I could and gave that to him as a trade in price.To make the rest of the story short, the bank approved the deal. I do not know who was the most amazed, the customer or the finance manager. Both were totally stunned. It was a pleasant surprise, but I was not shocked. I am quite used to the miracles that The Lord preforms. The owner joked about that deal for days. The customer got a good car and we all made some money. I think everyone was genuinely happy that that poor man drove out in a good car.

    This was only one case, but there were countless cases. Once when I had just put my 60th sale for the month on the board; the owner came in and stated that was three times the amount of cars anyone had ever sold there. He then said, "Lou we would all like to know what is your secret". Suddenly every salesman, manager and customer stopped what they were doing and you could hear a pin drop. I said, I do have a secret that I would be glad to tell everyone, but would not want it to be mocked. The very most likely person to mock it spoke up, "Lou I promise you not one person here will mock whatever you say after seeing you sell 60 cars this month. So I said, When I walk out to meet a new customer I always pray and ask The Lord Jesus to help me pick out a good car and give them a good price that will be good for them and good for the owner. Jesus answers every prayer. We do not get any cars I sell, back with problems. They are happy customers and they then send their relative or neighbor in to see me. I sometimes spend a few hours selling a $400 car that I make $50 on. BUT The Lord always sends me a customer that buys the BMW or Mercedes that I make $800 on too. I sold 60 cars because I work hard to help the poor and then The Lord blesses me. Everyone stood in amazement and not on person said a word except the salesman who had said no one would mock. He said, Lou there is not one person mocking that out loud or in their own head.

    I can honestly say, that many salesmen made changes in the way they sold cars at that place. They seen the success that The Lord had given me and they really tried to use that to help themselves. It actually did work somewhat. Our sales doubled in the time I was there.

    There are many businessmen who are sincere in their desire to earn their living actually helping people.

    2 - You write: Depressing video because we are powerless .

    We are those who have the Holy Spirit of The Creator of everything that exists and are never powerless.

    We always have the power of prayer to the One who said let there be light and there was light.

    I would say it is the CCP that is powerless if The Lord Jesus acts against them.

    In fact the Corona Virus could be a judgement of God against the CCP. They were burning down Christian churches and putting their leaders in prison.

    The Lord and one person is a majority against the whole world.

    Israel was trapped against the Red Sea and the whole army of Egypt was going to destroy them. Moses called upon The Lord and He saved Israel by the very thing that was trapping them. He parted the Red Sea and then destroyed the army of Egypt with the very thing that He used to save Israel.

    The Holy Spirit of that very same God lives within us. Pray The Lord Jesus saves us from the CCP.
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