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What The Mormon Missionaries At Your Door Won’t Tell You

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  • What The Mormon Missionaries At Your Door Won’t Tell You

    I found this to be an easily digestible entry into the topic: just what's wrong with LDS. If the video were a satire I would find it amusing.

    I have a friend who became disillusioned with Mormonism after discovering Joseph Smith's seedy past. When he approached his church leader and the man was unable to console my friend, his last ditch effort was a winking, "Well you have to admit it's great way to live." My friend left LDS and is now among the Living, my praise and thanks to the Lord Jesus.

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      The original Book of Mormon contradicts what the book of Mormon, that they use today, says. The older one plainly says that Jesus Christ is God Almighty, which Joseph Smith later denied was true.

      The older book of Mormon was in the Temple in Kirtland, Ohio near Cleveland. I have been in that Temple and the elders of my first wife's church got up and testified that I was called to the Mormon priesthood. I turned that call down. ( All praise to The Lord Jesus)

      BTW that Mormon priest later became a Roman Catholic when his Mormon wife left him while she was having an affair with another man. My first wife's church was a Reorganized Mormon Church. When Mormon missionaries from the other Mormon church came to her church, they did not mention Jesus. All they preached was the dead man, Joseph Smith.

      The Mormon teach that Joseph Smith will be the Judge of who gets into heaven and who does not. It is a very dark cult.