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Frontline - the dark secrets of the RCC

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  • Frontline - the dark secrets of the RCC

    This video is 85 minutes long, but everyone should watch it. Break it up into three 30 minute parts if you need to.

    The main problem of the RCC was never once addressed. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely among mere men. They call this mere man Pope, or The Supreme Ruler, and they also call him The Holy Father, which is the One and Only God Almighty, our Father. He is King, Prophet, Priest and Judge of the RCC. Saul was removed from being King of little Israel because God appointed him King, but Saul also took on the job of Priest.

    But this man called Pope does far worse, he is proclaimed King, Prophet, Priest and Judge. No mere man can handle this kind of power with being corrupted. Of course he reveals that he can not handle this job right away by allowing other men to call him The Holy Father. If any man wants to stop corruption in the RCC then the place to start is by renouncing the title of The Holy Father, which is due to God Almighty alone.

    Notice in the video that the man that is the Pope's friend claims that this new Pope wants to let fresh air into the Church. He also claims that this Pope wants o get rid of corruption. But this Pope does not first of all repent of his own corruption of allowing himself to be called the Holy Father. My one son once told me that "dung" rolls downhill, not uphill. So the start of cleaning up corruption has to start with the very top man in the RCC.

    But instead he ignores the sexual victims and focuses on helping the poor and claims he wants to let fresh air into the church. You can not get rid of the stink while the church is full of dung. First shovel out the dung, and then open the windows. What dung has this Pope exposed and thrown out ? He has done the same as the others, and that is to ignore the victims of sexual abuse and act as they did not exist.

    This Pope also attacks a straw man, as the enemy, to take the focus off of sexual abuse in the RCC. If he wants to repent of the love of money as he preaches everyone should do, then open up the BILLIONS in the RCC and give it to the poor. He preaches that our money should be taken and given to the poor, while we are poor ourselves. The RCC is very rich, give their own money to the poor. He should first practice what he preaches. Teach by example. He is simply preaching Communism which has failed miserably in South America.
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