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  • Fix-yourself

    This video is really worth your time:

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    This is a positive response so don't give up on it.
    Fix yourself is another of the self help dogmas.
    But he is correct in what he teaches.
    The question is, "How?"
    His seems to assume it is as simple as making better decisions.
    The problem is that most of the people who need his advice fail over and over to make better decisions.

    In my late teenage years and early twenties I did some self help type of programs using the popular books of the day.
    To make the changes were very difficult, but eventual they became habitual and then second nature.
    My success was not because of my strength of character but because the hard choices I had to make were actually relative easy ones, but they were difficult. In addition to the need to make easy changes I was blessed with a firm family and Christian background.
    The bottom line is this.
    (1) The best of human effort is sufficient for those who have everything going for them.
    (2) The best of human effort is insufficient for those who have nothing going for them.
    Even Ephesians 5 & 6 describe how we ought live but how do we make such unselfish decisions.

    There is another way.
    This is the how.
    Strange as it sounds to a psychiatrist -
    Confess a belief that Jesus came form God the Father,
    died on the Cross for your sins.
    rose on the third day,
    and reigns with the God the Father.
    Surrender by confessing who and what you are to God.
    Repentance follows.
    Confess what burdens your heart.
    Justification follows - God justifies you in His sight removing guilt for sin.
    It is a noticeable relief - something is different even if you cannot describe this happening you will feel it.
    The Holy Spirit dwells with you and you are made (born) a new creature.
    If this spiritual miracle works in you you will immediate desire to be baptized.
    You have embarked on a new life. It is called sanctification.
    Sanctification is the Holy Spirit dwelling with you as He begins to work change.
    For most, it is a process over time and proceeds at a rate individually appropriate for you.
    This is the "God in me" other way for the method of change.

    Why does this not work for everybody?
    I am neither a speculator about spiritual things nor so arrogant to think I know, but it is what I testify.

    For all of us there must be a way to recover from and redeem our errors and to endure our sufferings or we shall never find any use in hoping.
    And without hope the words of Satan are the only voice our ears may hear.
    Without hope we cease to be desperate.
    Without hope we cease to be desperate to stop the pain and cease to be desperate to hear G-d.
    Without hope we become resolved to a bitter and meaningless outcome for all of life's struggles on our road to hell.
    Hope magnifies life’s problems so as to make us desperate enough to seek God on His terms. 2/02/2001


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      Hi Glen,

      The video puts forth a valuable truth for everyone. Put the blame on yourself instead of others. That would include of course,not blaming God., but blaming yourself. That is a needed revelation for one to be able to confess their sins. Before one can confess their sin, they need to know they are sinners and not simply victims.