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    Just some powertools. No polished masterpieces of prose here.

    The well-known e-Sword,, e-Sword and Blue Letter each have a mobile app for Apple. Bible gateway has a mobile app for Android.

    Lexilogos Hebrew-to-English translation tools
    Front-end for various tool sites, compact and neat.

    A complete Hebrew-English pocket-dictionary to the Old Testament
    Old school! Just like a paperback, only harder to use. But it gets ya good and close to the text, without the plethora of technological crutches.

    WMF Labs Verse Finder
    Multi-translation search front-end.
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    Very cool! Thank you for sharing these, Baruch.

    I use a lot - really like how I can quickly compare verses between multiple translations with it - but haven't seen the others before. They look most interesting!

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